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Jubilee Coffee House & Bar (Closed)

Jubilee Coffee house & Bar

Changi Point has been an interesting destination for an outing ever since the time when The Beatles and the VW Beetles were extremely popular in Singapore. Today, as we can finally get The Beatles on Spotify and the vintage VW Beetle has become a cult car, Changi continues to draw people to its idyllic coastal setting and rustic charm. Unusual eateries like Jubilee Coffee House & Bar add to the appeal of Changi.

Jubilee Coffeehouse

Jubilee Bar at Changi Point

Jubilee Coffeehouse

Walking up the driveway to Jubilee Coffee House & Bar, situated in an old bungalow set amidst lush greenery, was like taking a step down memory lane. The name Jubilee Coffee House brought to mind the old Jubilee Theatre and the Skillets Coffee House in Supreme House. The bungalow looked like something out of an old Cantonese movie. The bicycle, scooter and vintage car parked under the porch helped to complete the task of transporting us back in time to another era.

Jubilee Coffee house & Bar

Jubilee Coffee house at Changi Point

Jubilee Coffee house at Changi Point

Jubilee Coffee house at Changi Point

We went into the house and retro touches were everywhere. Upstairs there were more vintage furniture and classic household appliances. There was a bar and even an old style DJ console. We half expected Kung Fu Fighting to be played over the loud speakers.

Jubilee Bar at Changi Point

Jubilee Bar at Changi Point


Dining at Jubilee Changi Point

Jubilee Coffee House has a menu with a mix of western and local food as well as fusion dishes. They also offer an all day high tea set. Here are random pages of their menu. (They have launched a new menu in March 2018 – check their Facebook Page for more updated information).

Menu Jubilee Changi Point

Menu Jubilee Coffee House

High Tea Jubilee Coffee House

Lunch at Jubilee Coffee House

We tried their Fried Carrot Cake ($10), Ter Kar Bee Hoon ($15) and Otah Pizza ($13). Coffee (daily brew) was $4. GST & service charge would be added to the bill.

The carrot cake was the “white type”. The radish cubes were quite big and we found the dish to be a bit bland. We had to spiced it up with the chili that was provided.

Carrot Cake Jubilee Coffee House

The Ter Kar Bee Hoon, or fried bee hoon (rice vermicelli) with canned stewed pork, came nicely presented with lots of ingredients. The portion was big and the dish alone could be a complete meal for 2 average eaters. It was flavourful and had a nice mix of different textures. We found the gravy to be a tad too sweet.

Bee Hoon Jubilee Coffee House  Lunch at Jubilee Cafe Singapore

The thin crust Otah Pizza was an interesting dish. It had nice crispy skins and the otah was tasty. However, the various elements did not combine well. Next time we might just have their otah, which was quite good, and stick to more conventional toppings if we wanted pizza.

Lunch at Jubilee Cafe Singapore

If Jubilee Coffee House & Bar reminds you of another eatery in Changi, that would be explained by the fact that Jubilee is opened by the folks of the hugely popular restaurant just across the road – The Coastal Settlement (see our post of our visit to The Coastal Settlement here). Just as we like its sister restaurant’s quirkiness, we like Jubilee Coffee House & Bar’s old bungalow setting and a quite authentic recreation of  an old-school coffee house and bar.

It is a place that is certainly worth making a trip to Changi Point for, at least for one visit – especially if you have even once thought that Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas was a cool song. We will certainly like to visit them again – not least to have a drink at the bar and find out if they play disco music there. Who knows? The DJ may actually be spinning Kung Fu Fighting.

Jubilee Coffee house & Bar


Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 5
Overall Rating: 3TOPs   3 Tops


Jubilee Coffee House & Bar
580 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508516

Tel : +65 6543 0060

Opening Hours
Mon-Thu: 10.30am – 12 midningh
Fri: 10.30am – 1am
Sat/PH Eve: 9.30am – 1am
Sun/PH: 9.30am – 10.30pm

#Street Fact – Netheravon Road is named after an army village in England. Netheravon was one of two important old estates on the river Avon. The upper settlement became known as Upavon and the one lower down the river Netheravon.

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