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Dome Cafe Scotts Square (outlet closed)

Dome Cafe Scotts Square 5 - 1

Dome Cafe was one of the early movers when it came to introducing “designer” coffee to Singapore.   In the 90s when life was simpler, Dome was one of the few mass market cafes that one could go to for a good cuppa.   With so many new and sparkling new coffee places to try these days, we had not been to Dome for quite a long time. Which was why we decided to stop by the Dome Cafe Scotts Square.  Was it as good as what we remember them to be?

Dome Cafe Scotts Square - 4

Dome Cafe Scotts Square - 3

The first thing we noticed was the big and colourful menu.  There is a big selection of all-day-breakfast items.  There were also more cooked food items like pasta.  More is good. But what had been left out were the selection of sandwiches which they had in the past. The grilled vegetable sandwich was our favourite and we were disappointed that it was no longer there.  No point dwelling in the past, so we decided on a Roasted Button Mushroom & Egg on Toast ($9.90) and a Laksa Pasta ($16.80).

Dome Cafe Scotts Square - 7

Dome Cafe Scotts Square - 8

We could smell the  Roasted Button Mushroom & Egg on Toast before it reached our table. The mushroom had a rich intense smell and taste, which we like. It was the highlight of the dish. The scrambled eggs, bread etc were ok. But the taste of the mushroom was good.

Dome Cafe Scotts Square - 9

Dome Cafe Scotts Square - 10

The Laksa Pasta was a fusion of local and Italian cuisine which worked better than we expected.  The laksa taste was authentic enough but no overpoweringly so.  The linguine and scallops were nicely cooked.   We are happy to eat the two dishes we selected any time.

Dome Cafe Scotts Square - 5

The coffee however was a disappointment.  This was not the thick, rich coffee we remember from the past. It was a regular cup of coffee,but we expected more from Dome.

Dome Cafe Scotts Square - 6

Unfortunately as I am writing this post, I see from the Dome Cafe website that the Scotts Square outlet would have closed by the time you read this post. With so many tenant changes in Scott Square, we wonder who will be taking over this space. For a caffeine fix if you are in the area, there is the new Coffee Academics upstairs where you can find some of the best coffee we had tasted recently (read our review here).

Dome Cafe


Food: 3

Service: 3

Value: 3

Atmosphere: 3

Overall Rating: 3 TOPs

3 Tops



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