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Caveman Food @ Star Vista

Star Vista Caveman Food - 1 (1)

Caveman Food is a new food outlet at the Star Vista Mall in Buona Vista serving meals for the Paleo diet. We normally put up the most attractive photo of the restaurant which we are writing about at the start of our posts. This time though, we thought that it is more appropriate to feature the thing that attracted us to eat at Caveman Food –  the newspaper cutting that was displayed at the restaurant. The owner had apparently lost 5 kg after four months of trying a Paleo Diet.  Anything that might help us lose weight deserves a chance, so that was how we end up eating at Cavemen Food.

Star Vista Caveman Food - 3

Star Vista Caveman Food - 2

Star Vista Caveman Food - 1

Other than the name of the restaurant, there was nothing caveman-like about the place. It is a small space cramped between two other food outlets on level 2 of Star Vista.  The dining area was very plain and basic. According to Caveman Food’s website, “… we keep our Menu near to Paleo Diet or originality of diet in the Palaeolithic era.”  We were not really sure what the diet entails but a quick internet search suggests that it is a diet to track the food of early humans i.e. mostly meat and vegetable diet with no dairy, grains or processed food.

Star Vista Caveman Food - 4

The menu was a simple one with three kinds of meat available (chicken, beef and salmon) and six types of side dishes. You can either order the meats on their own or combine them with a side dish to make a meal.

Star Vista Caveman Food - 5

Star Vista Caveman Food - 7

We tried the Mexican chicken meal ($8.90) plus a aloe vera honey drink ($1.60).  For side dishes we selected a baked egg and sweet potato. As you can see the presentation of the meal was purely functional. Just the chicken and a sweet potato on a plastic plate.  Cavemen do not concern themselves with how their dish looked. The chicken was fine, quite moist with some tasty seasoning on the skin.  The sweet potato was very good. The egg looked quite pretty but the taste was bland.  Eating the chicken and sweet potato with plastic utensils was a challenge so we had to resort to eating them, cavemen style.

Star Vista Caveman Food - 6

We also tried a stand alone order of the stewed beef ($10.90). It was also served on a plastic plate, but looked better than the chicken. The taste of the stew was good but the beef was dry.  Both the dishes were quite small portions. We were hungry soon after lunch. That, perhaps,  could be the secret of the weight-losing effect of the Paleo diet, a small meal of meat and vegetables with no carbo must be a sure way of losing weight. Overall, we thought the food was not bad and the small portions were acceptable as the main point was to lose weight. The state of the dining area and the presentation of the food can be improved. Perhaps buying takeaway would be a better idea than to eat-in.

Star Vista Caveman Food - 8

Food: 3
Service: 2
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 2 TOPs 2 Tpos


Caveman Food
1 Vista Exchange Green
The Star Vista #02-27C
Singapore 138617

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