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Gelato and Coffee at Casa Italia, Chinatown Point (Outlet Closed)

Casa Italia, Chinatown Point

Not having been to Chinatown Point in a long while, we were surprised to see the transformation that had taken place since our last visit some years ago. The retail areas have been rationalised and there is a good mix of shops. More importantly, there were many food outlets and restaurants at Chinatown Point. It was also good to see the wide variety of food available. With its location in the heart of Chinatown, one would expect a fair amount of Chinese and local food options and indeed that is the case. But other cuisines were also represented. Casa Italia, an Italian casual restaurant attracted us with its bright colours and its big display of gelato. We fell for the beckoning of the sweet stuff and made an unscheduled stop for coffee and Italian ice-cream.

Casa Italia-15

Casa Italia, Chinatown Point

Casa Italia Chinatown Point is located at the atrium, right under the star-shaped skylight. The abundant natural light made the place look inviting and the food displays even more tempting. Casa Italia sells the usual casual Italian fare including pasta dishes and pizza. Pizzas seem to be their forte, with so many variants being offered in their menu. Here are some pages of the menu.

Casa Italia, Chinatown Point

Casa Italia-13

We would have liked to try the pizza but that will be another day. We were there only because of one thing – gelato. With the wonderful display of Italian gelato on display, who can resist?

Casa Italia-6

Casa Italia-3

Casa Italia-2

We tried two flavours – the Bailey’s Irish Cream ad Dark Truffle ($5.90 per scoop). They were as good as they looked. The Bailey’s Cream gelato and the familiar taste of the evergreen, familiar Irish cream liqueur. The dark truffle gelato was good but not as chocolatey as its dark colour suggested. Overall, a nice place to stop over in the busy Chinatown area of Singapore.

Gelato and Coffee at Casa Italia

Casa Italia-22

The coffee ($5.50 each) was ok but quite ordinary and performed below our expectations.

Gelato and Coffee at Casa Italia

Casa Italia-30

Casa Italia
#01-05 Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059413

Opening Hours : 10am – 10pm

Nearby Stations: Chinatown

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