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Yellow Cup Coffee

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Yellow Cup Coffee is a delightful cafe in Central Square where we stopped by for a croissant and coffee the other day. Central Square is located along Havelock Road. The Yellow Cup Coffee cafe is on the ground floor and faces the Singapore State Courts complex. According to their website, “Yellow Cup Coffee is a specialty coffee chain that boasts one of the only nordic style roasted coffee beans in Singapore.” They currently have two outlets. This is the first outlet and their second one is at AXA Tower, Shenton Way.

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The cafe with such an unimaginative name and similarly nondescript exterior, had an interior which was a totally different story. Filled with bursts of colours, humour and playfulness, the dining room was a big contrast with the plain exterior. Splashes of yellow were everywhere, from yellow chairs to sunflowers and toy Lamborghinis on the table.

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The menu of Yellow Cup Coffee was a simple one. All day breakfast items, sandwiches and pasta. Some items were also on display. The almond croissants looked the most interesting. We ordered one and some coffee.

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Yellow Cup Coffee roasts their own coffee. We tried their Americano ($4.50) and they were quite good, although we would have preferred less of a sour aftertaste. More information on the type of beans used and coffee machines can be found on their website. The almond croissant was a different matter. The unanimous verdict was that it was very good. The coffee and croissant went well together so this will be something we will think of eating when we are next in this area.

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Overall, Yellow Cup Coffee was a small, friendly cafe that serves simple food and good coffee.  The bright crockery and little decorative items in the cafe will surely perk up anyone who has had a bad day. Being located just opposite the Singapore State Courts, we think the potential customer base is quite large.

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All the  yellow stuff made us think of this rather old song by Joni Mitchell.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Yellow Cup Coffee
Central Square #01-09
20 Havelock Road
Singapore 059765


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