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YOLO @ ICON Village (Closed)

YOLO Food @ Icon Singapore

Its motto is “Eat & Live Like YOLO” but at YOLO Restaurant @ Icon the spirit of “You Only Live Once” is not an excuse to let yourself go and eat recklessly. Instead, YOLO’s philosophy is that since you only live once you should embrace healthy habits and eat well. YOLO food is nutritious and good for you says YOLO –  good for you whether you want extra energy, want to shape up to have that beach body or want your skin to look younger. Being vain and easily persuaded by slick marketing, we decided to have lunch at YOLO @ Icon to see if we can become beach hunks and babes with youthful looking skin.

YOLO Health Food Restaurant

YOLO @ Icon has quite an interesting contemporary interior. Wall mural, neon sign and dash of bright colours together with upbeat background music help to give the place a quirky energetic feel. It operates fast food restaurant style. There are menu boards on the wall and above counter. Place your order and pay at the counter and you will be given a buzzer. When you are buzzed, collect the food from the Pick Up point. You help yourself to the disposable utensils and condiments.

 YOLO Restaurant

YOLO food includes the usual casual dining items like burgers, meatballs, fried rice, steaks and pastas – but tinkered by their in-house nutritionist so that the dishes are nutritious and good for your specific goals. So if you want to stay lean, they have low calorie burger and risotto. If you need to bulk up at the gym, they offer you proteins in the form of Lamb Shoulder and Chicken with Mashed Sweet Potatoes.

Menu of YOLO Health Food Restaurant Singapore

We ordered the low calorie Cauliflower Fried Rice ( $9.90) and gluten free Beef Steak Nam Jim ($14.90). The menu says that the fried rice is less than 300 calories and the steak less than 700 calories.

 YOLO Restaurant @ Icon

 YOLO Restaurant @ Icon Singapore

The food were served in cardboard take-away food boxes. They looked like what we expected healthy food to look like. The fried rice had strips of eggs and chicken for protein so that it was quite a balanced one dish meal. Taste-wise, it was a bit bland and uninteresting. The same could be said of the steak and green vegetables.

 YOLO Restaurant @ Icon Tanjong Pagar

Perhaps the YOLO food we ordered were just the wrong options, but we were not impressed by the dishes we tried. Although YOLO has tried to make healthy meals cool, exciting and tasty, our meal at YOLO did not excite us. We think that if we really wanted sumptuous delicious food, we would still head to the zhi char stalls or our usual steak house. Looks like we need to find some other easy way to get that beach body and youthful looking skin.

Food: 2
Service: NA
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 2 TOPs    2 Tpos


#01-01 Icon Village
12 Gopeng Street
Singapore 078877

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 8:00 am – 9:30 pm
Closed on Sunday

Tel : +65 6221 3029

Nearby Stations : Tanjong Pagar

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