Yunnan Garden, New Chinese Restaurant in Fusionopolis

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Yunnan Garden 云南园 is a new Chinese restaurant in Fusionopolis that opened in this location in early 2016. The engineers, scientists and other personnel working in Fusionopolis, the telecommunications and information sector of the space age zone in Buona Vista  which is called One North, now have another dining option.  Yunnan Garden Fusionopolis is on the second floor of the building named Galaxis and is housed in a futuristic pod that looks like  a spaceship on the outside. But thankfully the interior looks quite down to earth.

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The dining area of Yunnan Garden is done up in a modern Chinese restaurant style. The big windows let in a lot of sunlight, giving the place a pleasant feel. There are some private rooms for those celebrating a special occasion or hosting corporate events.

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The Yunnan Garden Fusionopolis menu lists mainly classic Chinese dishes. At first glance, we noted that the prices seem friendly. A whole Peking duck costs $48.80 is very reasonable in the world’s most expensive city. Here are some pages from the menu. We ordered two appetizers and two main dishes.

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Our first appetizer was crispy yam ($6.80). We did not know exactly how the dish would be like when we ordered it. It turned out to be sugar-coated fried yam pieces, prepared such that a crisp sugary outer skin forms over the yam. It has been a long time since we ate such a dish. What a pleasant surprise!

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The second appetizer was a braised pork with steam buns ($5.90). In other words, kong bak pow.  We were glad the portion contained only two pieces, just right for the two of us.  This is a dish that is well-liked, but you know you should not eat too much of the fatty pork. These were pretty good and will give those from West Lake restaurant along Farrer Road a run for their money.

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For the main dishes, we had the claypot spicy eggplant ($10.80) and homemade tofu with crabmeat ($12.80). These are dishes that have to be eaten with steamed rice ($1.20 each) which was the only item we thought was a bit pricey in this restaurant.

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Both the eggplant and tofu were simple but good, the kind of basic Chinese dishes we never get enough of.

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We did not really have room for dessert but decided to try the fried ice cream anyway as we were curious. It turned out to be a scoop of chocolate ice-cream encased in a bun that was deep-fried. An interesting dessert, that brought our lunch at Yunnan Garden Fusionopolis Chinese Restaurant to a sweet end.

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The restaurant welcomes BYO but charges $10 corkage fee for each bottle of wine. They can be persuaded to waive it, which is a good thing. However they charge 30 cents for water, which is not. For those who are not familiar with Fusionopolis, there are directions and a map to tell you how to get there on Yunnan Garden’s website (below).

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Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs     4 tops

Yunnan Garden Chinese Restaurant
1 Fusionopolis Place
#02-02 Galaxis
Singapore 138522

Tel: +65 6665 8888

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday
including Public Holidays
11:00am – 9:00pm

11:00am – 3:00pm

Facebook Page


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