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Brunch at newly opened Kith Cafe Millenia Walk

Kith Cafe at Milenia Walk

We had brunch at Kith Cafe’s new outlet at Millenia Walk which opened recently. Possibly taking a cue from their REITs counterparts, sections of the open spaces in Millenia Walk have been converted from “unproductive” spaces into leased premises. Sections of the ground floor which used to be part of the spacious walkway are now used as seating areas of restaurants. Kith Cafe occupies a shop unit plus a big swathe of such open space.

Kith at Milenia Walk

Kith Cafe Millenia Walk

The decor of Kith Cafe Millenia Walk is done up in a practical, simple way. We were surprised to see so many people at the cafe on a Sunday morning. Perhaps the early opening hour of Kith Cafe (8 am) provides it with a strategic advantage. Very few restaurants are open at this hour. Kith Cafe serves the usual Western casual restaurant dishes, but one particular thing stood out as not being like the others – black curry!  Here are parts of the drinks, lunch and brunch menu of Kith Cafe Millenia Walk.




We tried the Kith breakfast with scrambled eggs and toasted brioche ($19). A common all-day-breakfast item, it was good but not exceptional.



The pumpkin salad ($15) was a healthy looking dish. It contained a good variety of different vegetables to make it interesting enough but we were hoping for something exceptional from this popular cafe, but this was not the case.




Fortunately we did discover something we were excited about, the black curry ($19). It stood out in the menu as the only item not usually found in this type of cafe.  It turned out to be a substantial dish comprising a large bowl of chicken curry, a packet of baked banana leaf rice, a poached egg and a heap of salad. The curry was very rich and flavourful but not very spicy.  The rice, which reminded us of nasi bryani, had a nice aroma. The salad leaves helped break the oiliness of the curry. This was the best dish of the day.



The coffee and latte ($4.50 each) at Kith Cafe were too acidic for our liking. The sour after taste was not pleasant.



Food : 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Chope Restaurant Reservation

Kith Cafe Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596

Tel : +65 6333 4438

Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm

Nearby MRT Stations: Promenade, Esplanade

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