Express Set Lunch at Arbite

Arbite at Serangoon Gardens

Arbite is a cosy bistro in Serangoon Gardens serving modern European cuisine mixed with Asian culinary elements. Plenty of sunlight bathe this rather charismatic neighbourhood eatery making it a real bright spot in the day for a cup of coffee or good lunch. In the evening, it can be a nice cool space for canapes and beers. Brunch is available on weekends and the weekday set lunch at Arbite is a real good deal.

Arbite at Serangoon Garden Way

Arbite at Serangoon Garden Way has a rather inconspicuous entrance next to a pharmacy. Walk through the glass door and you will still not be sure that you are in an eatery. You see a rather dark staircase at the end of a narrow corridor. The walls have un-plastered holes decorated with Lego bricks. Apparently, the owners of Arbite took over the premises with those “holes” in the walls and decided to leave them there and make them part of the decor and story of Arbite.

Set Lunch at Arbite Bistro Serangoon Garden

Arbite Bistro Serangoon Garden

The dimly lit staircase leads to a very bright dining space. The glass panel which stretches the entire width of the frontage of the premises ensures that plenty of natural light comes into the bistro. Arbite’s decor is basic with semi-finished concrete floor and whitewashed walls. The place has a homely cosy atmosphere.

Arbite Bistro

Arbite’s menu has the usual casual dining dishes like burgers, pastas, meats, fish and salads. The more interesting items will be the Ayam Buah Keluk Kueh Pie Ti, Salted Egg Crab Pasta and Gula Melaka Tiramisu.

menu at Arbite Serangoon Garden

There are various drinks promotions during the week like a glass of house pour wine from $7. On weekdays, Arbite has an Express Lunch menu. The set lunch is priced at $9.90++ and you get the soup of the day, a choice of mains and a choice of beverage.

The soup of the day was Cream of Mushroom on the day I was at Arbite and I opted for the Grilled Chicken for the main course.

Set lunch menu at Arbite Serangoon Garden

Set Lunch at Arbite

The soft drink and the soup were served within a few minutes after my order was taken. The main course was served about 15 minutes later. Iced water would be served on request.

The mushroom soup came in a large soup dish and the portion was quite generous. The soup tasted good; creamy with strong but not overpowering flavour.

Set Lunch at Arbite Serangoon Garden

Express Lunch at Arbite Bistro

The Grilled Chicken was an interesting dish. Slices of grilled chicken sat on a bed of soba noodles. A small jar of broth came with the dish; for drizzling over the soba. The chicken was nicely grilled and was tender and tasty. The soba had a strong nutty flavour and a small amount of the savoury broth made the soba even more enjoyable. The basic ingredients of the dish were common but they were creatively combined into a refreshing and delectable chicken and soba dish.

Express Lunch at Arbite Bistro

The set lunch at Arbite was an enjoyable good value meal. The quality of the food was good. The food was nicely presented with proper tableware and was tasty. Arbite at Serangoon Gardens is definitely a bright cheery spot for a good set lunch. We shall also be adding Arbite to our list of places to go to for Sunday brunch as it is open as early as 9 am on weekends.

Arbite - hollows in the wall

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 5
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs    4 tops

66A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555962

Tel: +6594563807

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri : 1130 – 1500; 1800 – 2230
Sat and PH : 0900 – 2230
Sun : 0900-2200

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