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Nasi Lemak from Rumah Sayang @ Jem

Rumah Sayang Nasi Lemak Jem - 7

The cafeteria Rumah Sayang @ Jem in Jurong East always attracts a queue of customers at lunchtime. It is easy to understand why as it serves a wide selection of  Nasi Padang dishes as well as local Singapore food items such as nasi lemak, laksa, mee rebus, mee siam. lontong, roti prata and even fish head curry.  According to the Jem’s mall website,  Rumah Sayang’s description is as follows:  “Nasi Padang Concept, Halal & Peranakan theme, semi-self service, affordable & delicious. Everyday local specialties. “

Rumah Sayang Nasi Lemak Jem - 2

Rumah Sayang Nasi Lemak Jem - 5

The $19.90 fish head curry that includes rice and tau goreng looks like an enticing proposition. But not on this visit, as I would only be buying a takeaway lunch. It is hard to decide what to eat as many of the items look very interesting.  It is best to make use of the time in the queue to come to a final decision as the servers at the counter can sound quite impatient to those who hesitate.  My choice on this occasion was the nasi lemak ($6).

Rumah Sayang Nasi Lemak Jem - 6

Rumah Sayang Nasi Lemak Jem - 3

Rumah Sayang Nasi Lemak Jem - 4

This is what my nasi lemak looks like in the plastic container and after I have transplanted it into a plain white plate.  It has a large piece of fried egg, a fried chicken wing, a piece of otah and the usual peanuts. The chicken was good and well cooked without being too dry. The otah was quite usual. The rice was not the normal white lemak rice, but a flavoured kind of rice which had a nice taste. It could be eaten on its own. The chilli was not very spicy, in fact I thought that it was a bit too sweet.  The achar was good as it tasted fresh and was not too sour.  Overall,  a fair nasi lemak from Rumah Sayang @ Jem.  At the price of $6, this was equivalent to Rumah Sayang’s nasi padang meal with one meat and two vegetable items.  Perhaps that would be a better choice, but I am still curious about their other dishes and will try the others like mee rebus in the future.

Rumah Sayang Nasi Lemak Jem - 8

Rumah Sayang Nasi Lemak Jem - 10

Food: 3
Service: NA
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops


Rumah Sayang @ Jem
50 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 608549

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