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Heavenly Wang at Changi Airport

Heavenly Wang at Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport offers a wide array of facilities and dining options. Even in the arrival halls, there are a number of cafes and eateries where you can have a cup of coffee or tuck into a hearty meal. If you are meeting someone in the arrival hall of Terminal 1, Heavenly Wang at Changi Airport is a nice local cafe where you can get a drink while you wait. If a flight is delayed and hunger pangs strike, food is also available at Heavenly Wang Cafe.

Heavenly Wang Cafe at Changi Airport

We were at Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 recently waiting for someone returning to Singapore. We had not been to Terminal 1 for sometime and the place looked fresh and rejuvenated after its latest round of refurbishment. Heavenly Wang at Changi Airport occupies quite a large and prominent space in the arrival hall of Terminal 1.

The decor of Heavenly Wang at Changi Airport is sleek and attractive, blending modern design with traditional Peranakan elements. There is an eclectic mix of furniture which makes the place interesting. It also means there are different options for the diners. Most seats allow you a good view of the baggage claim area so you can relax in Heavenly Wang and still keep a look out for the person you are supposed to greet.

Heavenly Wang Cafe at Changi Airport

Heavenly Wang at Changi Airport

Kaya Toast at Changi Airport

We ordered a toast & eggs set for $5 consisting of Wang’s Kaya & Butter Toast (regular price $2.40 for 2 slices), Soft Boiled Eggs ($1.80) and coffee ($1.60). An additional iced coffee was $2.40. There was no extra service charge or GST.

We ordered and paid at the counter and the drinks and eggs were prepared for us to take away. We were given a buzzer for the collection of the toasts. Heavenly Wang used brown sliced bread for the toasts. They were nice and crispy. The eggs were also done just the way we liked – not too watery and not too cooked.

Heavenly Wang Eggs

 Coffee at Changi Airport

The coffee was the typical traditional Singapore kopi tiam coffee. It was a strong aromatic brew.

If something more substantial is needed, Heavenly Wang at Changi Airport also serves Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, Laksa, Mee Soto, Chicken Macaroni as well Chicken Curry with Bread or Rice. Sandwiches and biscuits are also available.

Heavenly Wang Coffee

Kaya & butter toast with soft boiled eggs and coffee is like the original Singapore All Day Breakfast – something usually served during breakfast but which could be enjoyed any time of the day or night. We had this Singapore All Day Breakfast at about 7 pm in the evening at Changi Airport and it was most fulfilling.

We were glad to find a Heavenly Wang at Changi Airport’s arrival hall. It is a nice a pleasant space serving kaya toasts and other local favourite dishes. It is a good spot for hungry Singaporean returning home as well as for ordinary patrons like us who are at the airport waiting for those returning home.

 Kopi at Changi Airport


Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs


Heavenly Wang
Level 1, Public Area
#01-02, Changi Airport Terminal 1,
80 Airport Boulevard,
Singapore 819642

Tel: +6 6543 0565

Opening hours: 24 hours daily

Heavenly Wang Facebook

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