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兰亭 Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine (Closed)

兰亭 Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine

兰亭 Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine is a new Chinese restaurant that has just opened in March. Located in Springvale along East Coast Road, this new restaurant in Siglap offers Chinese dishes presented in interesting ways. The setting is pleasant and prices are reasonable. After just one visit, we think that 兰亭 Lan Ting is one of the best restaurants in Siglap for Chinese food.

Lan Ting Chinese restaurant in Siglap

Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine has interiors done up in contemporary Chinese restaurant style. The decor is neat and well-coordinated. Tables are fairly well spaced out.

A bar dominates the dining area. As its name indicates, besides food Lan Ting serves a good range of wine and spirits.

兰亭 Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine

The menu of Lan Ting is not extensive. It has dim sum items and the usual sections of soup, vegetables & tofu, meat & poultry, noodles & fried rice and desserts. Pictures of random sections of the menu are below.

Lan Ting Chinese restaurant Menu

Lan Ting Menu

lan ting dim sum menu

lan ting dim sum menu

We went there for lunch and ordered a vegetable dish, 2 dim sum items, a noodle dish and dessert basing our decisions mainly on the rather fancy names in the menu without knowing exactly what to expect.

The two dim sum items we ordered were Glutinous Rice Meat Balls ($5) and Volcanic Lava Mushroom Buns ($6).

兰亭 Lan Ting Chinese Restaurant Singapore

The Volcanic Lava Mushroom Buns came in a typical dim sum basket but they looked nothing like the usual dim sum items. The buns looked like big button mushrooms. Each of the Mushroom Buns was in fact made of 2 separate Chinese buns (mantous or baos) – a semi-spherical bun and a smaller cylindrical shaped bun assembled to look like a mushroom. The texture of the buns did feel similar to that of mushrooms.  The  Volcanic Lava Mushroom Buns was Lan Ting’s version of the Liu Sha Bao or Custard Buns. The filling of salted egg custard was creamy and very flavourful.

兰亭 Lan Ting Chinese Restaurant Singapore

兰亭 Lan Ting Chinese Restaurant Singapore

兰亭 Lan Ting Chinese Restaurant Siglap

The Glutinous Rice Meat Balls were also unusual and interesting. Three Chinese wine cups were served on a plate. In each cup was some soup and a white glutinuous rice ball, which were plain and flavourless. Hidden inside the rice ball was a tasty meat ball with delicious stock; similar to what you would find inside the more commonly found xiao long boas.

兰亭 Lan Ting Chinese Restaurant Siglap

兰亭 Lan Ting Chinese Restaurant Siglap

兰亭 Lan Ting Chinese Restaurant

The vegetable dish we chose was Deep Fried Japanese Eggplant with Egg Yolk ($15). It might look like thick cut fries but the deep fried eggplant was delicious. The batter coated with salted egg yolk was light and really crispy and the eggplant inside was sweet and succulent. We really enjoyed the dish.

兰亭 Lan Ting Chinese Restaurant

The last dish before dessert was the Lan Ting Freshly Made Noodles ($13). The portion was quite generous. It was like a light version of Zha Jiang Mian topped with prawns. It was quite enjoyable.

兰亭 Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine Singapore

We ended our lunch with a Coconut Pudding ($6).  It was basically coconut agar agar nicely presented in a coconut. It was not too sweet and had a good consistency. It was a refreshing and enjoyable dessert.

兰亭 Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine Siglap

Chinese tea was charged at $2.50 per person and GST and service charge would be added to the bill. There was no other hidden extra in this Chinese restaurant.

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch at 兰亭 Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine. The menu was interesting and the food was good. The prices were reasonable. There are a few surface parking lots in Springvale and there is a public car park on the other side of East Coast Road. The next time we want Chinese food in Siglap, we will be heading to  Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine again.

兰亭 Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine East Coast

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs    4 tops


兰亭 Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine
907 East Coast Road
#01-02 Springvale
Singapore 459107

Tel : +65 6444 0888 / +65 97550855

Opening Hours :
Tuesday-Friday: 11:30AM – 10:30PM
Saturday, Sunday & PH: 8:00AM – 10:30PM

Dim Sum – Before 6:00PM
Dinner – 6:00PM onwards

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