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Citibank Wine and Dine Credit card promotion 2016 – real deal or gimmick?

Mon Bijou Cafe Crab Cake, French Toast, Breakfast - 1

The Citibank Wine and Dine deal for their credit cards seemed like a good deal.  Just spend $100 (before tax and service charge)  on food and cardholders get a free bottle of wine at the participating restaurants.  The list of restaurants is quite varied and includes places such as il Cielo, Brussels Sprouts, Cocotte, Peach Garden etc.  We decided to test drive this deal at the Mon Bijou bistro at Claymore Connect along Orchard Road. You can view the list and the conditions on the Singapore Citibank Credit Card website.

Mon Bijou Citibank Card Deal

Unlike many other credit card deals, this one seems straightforward – just spend $100 on food and a free bottle of wine is presented. There is no limit on the number of people. So for a dining party of three or four, it is likely that the spending target will be reached easily.  A quick look around the Citibank Wine and Dine website reveals that different types of wine are offered at different restaurants, so one can decide where to go based on restaurant type or wine type.

Ladies who lunch

We decided on Mon Bijou as it was a place we had been to before and was a conducive place to have a nice meal with a free bottle of wine.  The wine that was served was Clarendelle Blanc By Haut Brion 2013.  It was not a wine we were familiar with but anything associated with first growth wine maker, Chateau Haut Brion, can’t be too bad, and indeed that was the case.  The wine was a simple, refreshing white Bordeaux which was perfect to cool our parched throats during this spell of hot Singapore weather.  Getting it free made it taste even better.

Mon Bijou Cafe Crab Cake, French Toast, Breakfast - 2

We had a varied selection of dishes which included the all day breakfast (above), Crabby Patty Burger (below) and Wagyu Cheese Burger (below below).  The dishes were well prepared and tasted very good. A fuller description of the Mon Bijou restaurant and their menu can be found in our earlier post about our visit there.

Mon Bijou Cafe Crab Cake, French Toast, Breakfast - 3

Mon Bijou Cafe Crab Cake, French Toast, Breakfast - 5

We had some sweet items to share including the Crispy Golden Waffles and Brioche French Toast which were very yummy. We can confidently recommend all the dishes that we tried that day. The complementary  Clarendelle Blanc By Haut Brion was also a decent wine so we thought that the Citibank wine and dine deal 2016 was a real deal with no hidden strings attached.

According to the Citibank Wine and Dine website this promotion runs till 15 September 2016.

Mon Bijou Cafe Crab Cake, French Toast, Breakfast - 9

Mon Bijou Cafe Crab Cake, French Toast, Breakfast - 7

Mon Bijou Cafe Crab Cake, French Toast, Breakfast - 8

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs    4 tops



Mon Bijou
Claymore Connect
442 Orchard Road #01-19/20
Singapore 238879

Tel : +65 6739 6738

Opening Hours : 10.00am to 9.00pm

Nearest MRT Station – Orchard

Facebook Page

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