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999.99 Restaurant (Moved)


The 999.99 Restaurant is more conveniently called the “Five Nines” restaurant. Newly opened (end 2015) in the food haven of Keong Saik Road, this is one of the few restaurants in Singapore that has a number as its name. We stopped by at 999.99 Restaurant to check out their set lunch offerings.


Located on the ground floor of a shophouse, 999.99 restaurant is quite a compact restaurant. Half of the space is taken up by the open concept kitchen and bar. There are seats along the bar or at one of the few tables along the distressed brick walls. In an arrangement like this, good ventilation is paramount as the cooking is done in full view of the diners. Here at Five Nines, the ventilation was average, a noticeable (but not obtrusive) cooking smell permeated the air in the restaurant.


There are two set lunch options available for lunch. The one course plus drink option ($19.90) and the four course + drink option ($29.90). Here are pictures of the set lunch menus as well as the 5-course dinner ($59),  ala carte and drinks menus.






We tried two each of the one-course and four-course lunch menus. For the one course, we selected the lobster gratin and the 200g striploin steak.


The lobster gratin was small in portion size but big in taste. We can taste the quality in the ingredients and enjoyed it. Those with an average appetite will probably be hungry by 3 pm if all they only have is this one-course lunch.



The striploin steak was a more substantial one course meal. This, we can recommend to any person with an average appetite. The steak was reasonably well-flavoured, a fair offering at $19.90.



The four course lunches started with a seafood chowder. It looked plain but was very tasty with many bits of chewy seafood bits inside.


The second course was Trio of Tomato and Burrata. This was a refreshing salad of three types of tomatoes, sliced orange sitting on a bed of burrata cheese. The dish looked very pretty and the taste was very good.  The burrata cheese was mild and that helped it embrace the taste of its colourful friends.




There were only two choices for main course, so we selected one of each.  The tenderloin was very well prepared. Tenderloin would usually not be the most flavourful cut of beef, but this tenderloin was expertly seasoned and the sauce made this a very satisfying dish for us.



The other main course was fish broth. We were expecting a soupy dish but this was not the case. It was a small piece of snapper with some broth. The fish was fresh and well fried till the edges and skin was lightly crisp. A very good delicate dish, but in a small portion.


Dessert was light and fluffy tiramisu. A very pleasant and gentle sweet dish that did not make one feel heavy after eating it.



Overall, 999.99 Restaurant serves very delicate dishes in a raw industrial space. Some of the portions were small but we are not complaining as the taste was good and the the meal was guilt-free.


Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops



999.99 Restaurant
(29 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089136)

Moved to 5 Koek Road #04-04 Cuppage Plaza Singapore 228796

999.99 Five Nines Facebook


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