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Muthu’s Curry Dempsey – Indian food in a modern setting

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 1

Muthu’s Curry Dempsey restaurant is a place to enjoy traditional Indian food in a modern, contemporary setting. Located in Block 7 in the Dempsey Hill dining enclave, this is possibly the nicest part of the area where the restaurants are away from the busy thoroughfare and each restaurant has a garden in front that can accommodate alfresco dining tables. The best time to dine here is in the early evening when it is cool and before the sky gets too dark, perhaps 6.30 pm is ideal.

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In the afternoons, patrons can escape the heat in the air-conditioned dining area, which can accommodate around 60 diners. There are cosy circular booths along the sides for small groups.

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 4

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 3

Muthu’s Curry Dempsey serves a wide range of dishes such as fish head curry, tandoori chicken, kebabs and many types of curries. Here are pictures of some portions of their menu.

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 2

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 6

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 7

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 5

We started off with some complementary papadums which was a nice snack to go with our strawberry lassi ($6) and Tiger beer ($12)

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 9

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 10


We ordered a random sampling from different parts of the Muthu’s Curry menu.  All the items were served at the same time.  Next time we will probably stagger our orders so that we are not overwhelmed by all the food arriving at once.

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 17

Being unable to decide which appetizers to start with, we settled on the mixed platter ($11).  It was a large plate of four kinds of deep-fried items – samosas, spring rolls, calamari rings and potato wedges.  It was a lot of food. The samosas and spring rolls were very good (and substantial).

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 12

We tried a Chicken Chettinadu ($10).  This was a small serving of curry with small pieces of chicken.  What this dish lacked in size was made up by its fire power. It is very spicy, but in a pleasant way.  It does pack a punch and we recommend ordering this dish to provide some highlight among some milder curries.

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 13

We tried a Gobi Manchurian ($9) which was a dish of cauliflower florets which had been marinated, fried and then coated with another layer of sauce.  It was our first time trying this dish.  The blend of taste and textures were interesting. it was hard to tell that it was cauliflower. At first, it felt and tasted like fish.  Slightly spicy and interesting (in a good way).

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 14

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 15

Indian curry with lamb is always a favourite as the strong flavours of lamb and curry always provide a powerful blend of flavours.  We tried the lamb chops ($14) served with a thick tomato based gravy. Good tastes, but it was served at room temperature. We would have preferred a warm lamb chop.

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 11

All these curries and gravies would have to be eaten with rice or naan. We opted for naan ($3 each).

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 16

Four dishes for two people was too much food, with the mixed platter being the main culprit. But it was a satisfying meal at Muthu’s Curry Dempsey as each dish tasted so different and our taste buds had a good workout that day.

Muthu's Curry Dempsey - 18

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops


Muthu’s Curry Dempsey
Blk 7 Dempsey Road
#01-01 Singapore 249671

Tel: +65 6474 5128

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11.30 AM TO 3 PM
Dinner: 6 PM to 10 PM

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