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Mo’mor Izakaya (Closed)

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 13

Mo’mor Izakaya by W Martin is a new restaurant that recently opened at the Tanglin Post Office (located across the road from Tanglin Mall). Related to the Swiss Butchery that lives upstairs, Mo’mor Izakaya replaces the Maca Restaurant that previously occupied this space on the right of the entrance.  Another relatively new (unrelated) restaurant,  New Rasa Singapura is located to the left. According to their website, “Mo’mor Izakaya …Promises a Spellbinding, Japanese-European-Inspired Charm … An exciting concept by W.Martin”

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 15

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 14

Mo’Mor Izakaya has a large outdoor seating area and a small indoor, air-conditioned dining space. Although named “izakaya” there was no Japanese element in the decor. It looked more like a generic restaurant / pub.

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 1

The menu has quite a wide range of items, from sashimi to a selection of tapas items such as grilled squid and roasted eel and main stream dishes like steak. Here are pictures of the a la carte menu and the set lunch menu. I tried the $18 three- course lunch. I selected the chorizo sausage on toast, grilled hamachi collar and yuzu sabayon from the options offered.

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 3

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 2

The sausage on toast was a good tasting, but very small dish. It was accompanied by a cup of starchy, plain tasting soup.

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 4

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 6

The grilled hamachi collar was triangle-shaped and looked like a large samosa. The fish, rice and sauce were randomly placed on the platter in a not very visually appealing manner. The taste of the hamachi was good, but the meat content was low. Fortunately there was a bowl of fried rice, which was actually well prepared.

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 8

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 9


Finally, time for dessert.  This was a scoop of oba leaf ice-cream with a dab of yuzu flavoured sauce on a bed of crumbs. I am not sure what oba is but my quick google search revealed that it is a leaf from a type of Japanese plant which has a mild bitter taste. The dessert had an unconventional taste but which I quite enjoyed. The only negative was that, like the earlier courses, it was tiny. Serving this on the side of a large plate may perhaps be perceived as artistic by some, but to me,  it only served to make the dish appear really small and hollow.

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 10

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 11

Overall, I must say that the creations of chef W. Martin (Martin Woo) were successful in terms of taste, but the lunch could have been so much better if the portions were slightly larger and with better presentation.

Mo'mor Izakaya Tanglin Post Office - 12

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs   

3 Tops


Mo’mor Izakaya by W. Martin
56 Tanglin Road, #B1-01, Tanglin Post Office,
Singapore 247964

Opening Hours
Monday – Wednesday : 11am to 11pm
Thursday – Saturday : 11am to 1am
Sunday :
11am to 11pm

Complimentary parking at level 1 (LIMITED PARKING SPACE)
Alternative parking at Tanglin Post Office basement or Tanglin Mall


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