Pipe District Bistro – where we try some disgusting looking food

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 19

The newly opened Pipe District Bistro in the Singapore Science Park reminded us of an English bulldog. Its decor is raw and unashamedly industrial. Bare concrete floor, shipping container wall, wooden pallet ceiling and furniture fabricated out of water pipes (presumably that’s the inspiration for the name). Each component is ugly and unpolished. But when viewed together, the Pipe District, like the bulldog, has its own brand of adorable beauty. It is housed in a building named Gemini. This part of the Singapore Science Park is not directly accessible from South Buona Vista Road. Turning in from Pasir Panjang Road is the way to go.

Pipe District Bistro Gemini Pasir Panjang - 1

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 20

This is what the Gemini building looks like. The Pipe District Bistro is just on top of the stairs on the right end of the picture.

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 1

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 18

There is both an indoor air-conditioned area as well as an outdoor area. We were there on a Saturday when it was quiet. Judging from the heavy-duty pub equipment – the beer taps and the large space, this looks like a serious watering hole during after office hours on weekdays.

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 2

The Pipe District Bistro serves “modern European cuisine”. Casual dining items such as fish & chips, pizza, chicken wings take up most of their menu but there are also ‘serious restaurant’ dishes such as sashimi, cod bouillabaisse and classic osso bucco. Here are pictures of some pages from the Pipe menu.

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 3

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 4

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 5

We ordered a half-dozen chicken wings ($10), a German BBQ Ribs croissant ($12) and Atlantic cod fish & chips ($20) with a Guinness ($10) and  a Blood Orange drink ($4).

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 7

The charcoal fish and chips were the most disgusting dish we had seen in a long time. The batter was made with the addition of some charcoal to give it a slight earthly taste. We tried our best to make the photos as nice as possible but could not avoid thinking of some less appetising stuff.  Once we curbed our imagination, the taste was actually very good. The cod fish was very fresh and these were some of the best fish and chips we had eaten despite the looks. It was also nice to have sweet potato fries for a change.

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 10

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 14

The BBQ rib croissant was a pleasant-looking dish that had a cheeky look, sticking out its tongue at us. Once we overlooked its rudeness, it tasted quite good but not as exceptional as the fish.

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 13

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 12

The chicken wings at Pipe District come in seven different flavours. Most of them sounded interesting – such as Marmite honey, chilli crab and Italian 4 cheese supreme. Being keen to try as many flavours as possible, they kindly offered to prepare them in two flavours.  So we had three pieces each of chili crab and salted egg butter flavours. They were very good, although we wish the chilli crab was more spicy. These are perfect happy hour finger food to go with the many types of beer on offer.

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 9

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 17

The Pipe District Bistro’s location in the Science Park is not the most convenient place for most people. Other than those living or working nearby or visiting Haw Par Villa, this is destination dining. We made the journey and were rewarded with a laid back restaurant with unusual (in a good way) decor and food. The staff were also very friendly.

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 15

Pipe District Bistro Science Park - 6

Food : 5
Service: 5
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 5 TOPs 5 Tops

The Pipe District
45 Science Park Road #01-09/10
Singapore 117407

Tel: +65 6873 0143



  1. looks interesting a place. if not for you, i would not know this existed.thanks for your blog
    i recall theres an indian buffet lunch around here.

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