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Ma Maison Tonkatsu Bistro @ Westgate

Ma Maison Tonkatsu Bistro

Ma Maison Tonkatsu Bistro is one of the more popular Japanese restaurants in the Westgate Mall in Jurong East. Together with next door shopping mall, Jem, there must be around 20 Japanese restaurants within walking distance of each other. Yet, Ma Maison Tonkatsu Bistro always seems to have a constant stream of customers, even though their prices are not exactly low. We finally had a chance to visit them and find out why.

Ma Maison Tonkatsu Bistro

Ma Maison Tonkatsu Bistro is decorated like a typical casual Japanese eatery. Simple dark wood furniture and some decorative ornaments in a small space give this restaurant a cosy, warm ambience. The kitchen is visible through a long glass window. Diners sitting at the counter can have a close-up view of the chefs at work.

Ma Maison Tonkatsu Westgate - 6

Here is a picture of the lunch menu. Everyday, one dish is named the daily lunch set and sold at a lower price of ($16.80). On that day, the lucky dish appointed daily lunch set was the Rosu Katsu (usual price $18.80). We ordered one of that and one Rosu Katsu Don ($21.80).

Ma Maison Tonkatsu Westgate - 3

Ma Maison Tonkatsu Westgate - 2

There were various types of sauces and condiments placed on each table. Two types of tonkatsu sauce, salt, sesame seeds and salad dressing.

Tonkatsu Bistro Westgate Ma Maison - 2

Our meal started with some grated radish, sort of like an amuse bouche.

Tonkatsu Bistro Westgate Ma Maison - 1

The Rosu Katsu Don was a very attractive dish. Basically it was pieces of tonkatsu pork fried with egg on top of rice. There was some sauce in the rice which made this a very tasty dish.

Tonkatsu Bistro Westgate Ma Maison - 3

Tonkatsu Bistro Westgate Ma Maison - 4

The Rosu Katsu was a more regular tonkatsu dish.  For both dishes there was a choice of brown or white rice. There is a “free flow” of rice and cabbage salad, which will make this an attractive place for those with a big appetite.  The crunchy cabbage was good to be eaten on its own but was even better with the sesame salad sauce.  The pork was very lean with little fat and neutral tasting.

Tonkatsu Bistro Westgate Ma Maison - 5


Tonkatsu Bistro Westgate Ma Maison - 6

Ma Maison Tonkatsu Westgate - 1

Overall, while the prices at Ma Maison Tonkatsu Bistro were not low, with the average cost per person being around $20 after tax and service charge, it was an enjoyable lunch. The service there was one of the best we experienced in a Westgate restaurant.

Ma Maison Tonkatsu Bistro

Food: 4
Service: 5
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs   4 tops


Tonkatsu Bistro by Ma Maison
3 Gateway Drive
#04-06 Westgate
Singapore 608532

Tel: +65 6465 9556

Nearby MRT Stations: Jurong East

Ma Maison Facebook

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1 thought on “Ma Maison Tonkatsu Bistro @ Westgate”

  1. We were at your Ma Mason Tonkatsu outlet at Westgate on the third day of Chinese New Year., 18 Feb 2018 at about 2.40 pm. While we understood that the outlet were crowded and no table for four were available at that very moment we were there and needless to say we have to wait patiently for our queue to be seated. What agitated us was the attitude of the female manager attending to us that day.She was not tactful and quite rudely told us off to wait outside instead.While we finally got our seats and were waiting for the staff to take our order, we were pissoff when the madam swiftly took the order of the next table who came in later than us and were very patient towards them than us.If not because of the well mannered female staff waiting on us, I think we would have walked right out of the restaurant!

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