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Lunch at Ikki Izakaya, Metropolis (Buona Vista)

Ikki Izakaya Metropolis

What in the world is a “metropolis”? It is a word that we only know exists in comics like Batman. But apparently there is such a place in Singapore –  Buona Vista to be precise. According to our quick internet search,  “The noun metropolis comes from the Greek roots mētēr, meaning “mother,” and pólis, meaning “city.” OK, so we had to go to the mother city to sort out some SGX/CDP matters. Since we were there, we might as well look for some nice place to eat right? We decided on Ikki Izakaya because of its catchy name and its interesting decor.

Ikki Izakaya Metropolis Singapore - 2

Ikki Izakaya Metropolis Singapore - 5

The whole Metropolis complex by Ho Bee Land is quite impressive. The are many well-known names that are tenants in this place. The place was bustling but there was a relaxed feel about this place. Most people were dressed like it was dressed-down Friday even though it was a Monday. Suits and ties are a rarity here. Anyway, I digress, here is the menu of Ikki Izakaya. Most of the items in the menu are in the $12 to $20 range, the sweet spot of lunch money for most of us.

Ikki Izakaya Metropolis Singapore - 4

Ikki Izakaya Metropolis Singapore - 3

The chicken teriyaki don ($9) was a simple meal of fried chicken with teriyaki sauce.  It was an average dish, but we thought the price was quite reasonable.

Ikki Izakaya Metropolis Singapore - 6

The grilled mackerel don ($13.50) was a bit more expensive, but we thought it was time to eat some fish which is supposed to be healthy. The presentation was very attractive. The slices of mackerel glistened in the light. But it was too fishy. We know that mackerel is not the most refined of fishes, but this was just too fishy for our liking.

Ikki Izakaya Metropolis Singapore - 7

The smart choice when dining at Ikki Izayaka is to select the stir fried ginger pork. We decided on a “set” which included a soup, salad and some slices of orange for dessert. All for only $13. The taste of the ginger pork was very good. The basic dish without the trimmings would be $9. That would be a nice meal in an attractive setting. Unheard of in Raffles Place or Marina Bay, but that is one advantage of working in the “mother city” in the suburbs of Singapore.

Ikki Izakaya Metropolis

The space and pace of Metropolis is so different from downtown Singapore, almost like a holiday resort.   If you get a job offer in Metropolis – take it!

Ikki Izakaya Metropolis

Ikki Izakaya Metropolis


Food: 3
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

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Ikki Izakaya
9 North Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138588

Tel : +65 81388578

Opening Hours:
Mon – Thurs : 1100 – 0000 hrs
Fri : 1100 – 0200 hr
Sat : 1700 – 0200 hrs

Nearest MRT Station – Buona Vista

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