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Hive by Wala Wala – new huge hip restaurant bar (Closed)

Hive by Wala Wala @ Furama

Wala Wala Cafe Bar at Lorong Mambong in Holland Village is one of the old but hip places to go to for drinks and live music. The popular Cafe Bar has a new outlet in the revamped annex block of Furama Riverfront Hotel in Havelock Road. Called Hive by Wala Wala, the new outlet occupies a large space on the ground level offering food and beverages, screenings of sporting events and, of course, live music.

Hive by Wala Wala @ Furama Singapore

Hive by Wala Wala is huge and can accommodate more than 400 patrons. It must be one of the largest restaurant bar in Singapore. It has an al fresco dining area, spacious indoor dining hall, an outdoor bar and an indoor bar, a DJ console and a stage for live performances. It also houses a wine retail shop, cigar room, ice cream counter and bakery. It even has a merchandise shop a la Hard Rock Cafe style. To top it off, there is a private room.

It is nicely decorated with a dark wood and gold theme. The look is modern and quite elegant and the mood is casual. The sound system is excellent.

Hive by Wala Wala @ Furama Singapore

Hive by Wala Wala is first and foremost a watering hole. It has an extensive range of drinks. Beers, ciders, port, wine, aperitif and cocktails are available. There is also a good collection of premium champagne and whisky.

The food menu is not as extensive as the drinks menu but there is a good mix of Western food, Asian fare and snack items. Affordably priced set lunches are available. Unusually for a restaurant bar, it also has a kids menu. Below are a few pictures of random pages from its electronic menu.

Hive by Wala Wala Set Lunch Menu

Hive by Wala Wala Menu

Menu of Hive by Wala Wala

We went to Hive by Wala Wala for lunch and it was quiet. It was not yet time to start imbibing alchohol so we did the next best thing – we ordered a Beer Battered Fish & Chips ($12). We also ordered the Claypot Chicken ($10) with a bowl of plain steamed rice ($1). GST would be added to the bill but there was no service charge.

Ice watered was offered and served. The wait for the food was about 15 minutes. We enjoyed the music played over the very good sound system while we waited.

Lunch at Hive by Wala Wala

The fish & chips were of the expected standard. The batter was crisp and not oily and the fish had good texture. The thick cut fries were well done and enjoyable.

Hive by Wala Wala @ Furama Riverfront Hotel

The claypot chicken was not quite what we had expected. It was a soupy version and did not look very interesting. The portion was quite generous but  it looked like lots of tofu and vegetables. The pieces of chicken were hidden underneath and looked pale and insipid. The soup was slightly sweet and tasted quite good. On the whole the dish was quite good with the bowl of plain teamed rice.


We could imagine Hive by Wala Wala to be a lively place with nice music in the evening. In the day it is a nice quiet spot for simple meal at very reasonable prices.

Hive by Wala Wala @ Furama

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs    4 tops

Hive by Wala Wala
407 Havelock Road #01-01
Furama RiverFront
Singapore 169634

Tel : +65 8876 1109

Opening Hours :
Mon-Thurs: 12:00 – 01:00
Fri-Sat: 12:00 – 02:00
Sun: 12:00 – 01:00

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