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CMPB Dempsey Hill

CMPB Dempsey Hill - 10

You can guess a guys’s age by his answer to this question: “what is CMPB Dempsey Hill”. If the answer is “Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar at Dempsey” he is likely to be relatively young – probably below 40. If the answer is “Central Manpower Base” or “go away”, our friend is well on his way to collecting his CPF money and to whom the suggestion of going to CMPB Dempsey Hill is likely to provoke a hostile reaction as he re-lives his NS reporting and enlistment experiences.

CMPB Dempsey Hill - 1

Anyway, whichever age group one belongs to, we believe the casual, park-like atmosphere at CMPB Dempsey Hill will appeal to most people. At first glance however, the outdoor furniture, the dark indoor area and the massive bar at the entrance suggest that this is first and foremost a drinking place. Which may explain why it has taken us so long to eat here.

CMPB Dempsey Hill - 11

CMPB serves mostly casual Western food such as pizza, all day breakfast and burgers. Too predictable and boring. What caught our eye was the section in the menu that had some local food items like otah, kong ba pao. Here are pictures of the CMPB Dempsey Hill menu.

CMPB Dempsey Hill - 8

CMPB Dempsey Hill - 9

The kong ba pao (braised pork belly and steamed buns) ($16) were comparable to those from Westlake restaurant. The slices of pork belly had a balance of lean and fat.  The dark sauce gravy had a good complex taste.

CMPB Dempsey Hill - 2

The chicken gyoza ($14) were well made and we would eat these any time. The taste was however not memorable.

CMPB Dempsey Hill - 4

CMPB Dempsey Hill - 3

The best dish of the day was the big otah ($16). The big slab of otah had good firm texture. We could taste the fish used in the otah. The level of spiciness was just right for us. We could feel the tingle of the chilli on the palate but not more. It went very well with the bread and also with just the cucumber slices.

CMPB Dempsey Hill - 6

CMPB Dempsey Hill - 7


We were glad to finally try out the food at the Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar – CMPB Dempsey Hill. We avoided the usual Western fare in the restaurant as there is so much of that available elsewhere at Dempsey. But to find otah and kong ba pao here was a pleasant surprise. We can also imagine that these items will be perfect companions for the beer and other happy drinks at CMPB.

CMPB Dempsey Hill Block 6 and 7 Tenants - 1

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops

Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar
Block 7 Dempsey Hill  Unit 01-05
Singapore 249671.

Tel: +65 6475 0105

Opening Hours
Sunday-Thursday { 10.30am till 1am } Last order for Food @10.45pm
Friday-Saturday, Eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday  {10:30am till 2am } Last Order for Food @11.45pm


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