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Paradise Teochew Restaurant at Chinese Swimming Club (Outlet Closed)

Paradise Teochew Restaurant

Paradise Teochew Restaurant is the latest addition to Paradise Group of restaurants. Located on the 3rd level of the clubhouse of Chinese Swimming Club at Amber Road, the new restaurant is a nice full service Chinese restaurant offering a good range of classic Teochew dishes.

Paradise Teochew Restaurant at Chinese Swimming Club

Paradise Teochew Restaurant at the Chinese Swimming Club has a neat modern decor. The main dining hall is reasonably spacious. It also has a few very well appointed private rooms.

The menu is fairly extensive, comprising popular Teochew dishes such as braised goose, steamed fish and yam paste dessert plus some other less common items which are quite interesting. Here is usually where we will show you a few random pages of the menu but not in this case. We were politely told that taking photos of their menu was not allowed. We could take selfies, take photos of the restaurant, the food and even the staff but we could not take photos of the menu. Well, they give you a peek at a few of their dishes on their .

Paradise Teochew Restaurant at Chinese Swimming Club

We went there for dinner and ordered the Chicken with Egg White Crepe ($16), Egg Plant with Salted Fish ($14) and Teochew Seafood Mee Sua ($18). They would charge you for appetizer ($2.80) and towel ($0.30 per person). Iced water was offered without charge. GST and service charge would be added to the bill.

The steamed diced chicken wrapped in egg white crepe was an excellent dish. It was beautifully presented and you could see the intricate preparation needed for the dish. Diced chicken and a mix of Chinese Ham, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots were wrapped in a thin smooth crepe. There was a little broth inside each dumpling but the dumplings also sat on a light sauce which was tasty and interesting. Everything combined well to make the dish a memorable one. We would order this again.

Paradise Teochew Restaurant at Amber Road

Paradise Teochew Restaurant at Amber Road

The classic homely dish of eggplants with minced meat and salted fish was also expertly done. The eggplants were nicely braised and not too soft or soggy. The taste of the meat and salted fish sauce was well balanced. It was a delicious dish.

The Teochew Seafood Mee Sua was a little disappointing. The taste was very average and, although we know about Teochew being “kiam” and all that, the mee sua was a little too kiam (salty).

Paradise Teochew Restaurant in Katong

Teochew Food at Amber Road

Fortunately, the meal ended on a nice sweet note. Both the Mango Sago Pomelo ($4.50) and Osmanthus Jelly ($4.80) were good and refreshing.

As is typical in many Teochew restaurants, Gongfu tea was served below and after the meal.

Teochew Food in Katong

On the whole we had an enjoyable meal at Paradise Teochew Restaurant, Chinese Swimming Club. The setting was elegant and pleasant. The staff were friendly and efficient. The mee sua aside, the other food items were of good quality and tasty. We were informed that Paradise Teochew Restaurant would have at new outlet downtown in Scotts Square. Paradise Teochew Restaurant Scotts Square is scheduled to be opened in June 2016. That will be something to look forward to.

Teochew Restaurant in Chinese Swimming Club

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 

4 tops


Paradise Teochew Restaurant
#03-01 Chinese Swimming Club
21 Amber Road
Singapore 439870


Tel: +65 6348 7298

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri
11.30am to 3.30pm
6pm to 10.30pm

Sat, Sun & PH
10.30am to 3.30pm
6pm to 10.30pm


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