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The five best Seville restaurants that we tried in 2016

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Seville is not a big city in Spain, but within this small area we discovered that there are numerous dining options with different styles of Spanish cuisine. Here is our list of the five best Seville restaurants that we tried during our recent trip there in April 2016.  The restaurants are near the Seville Cathedral, easily accessible by less than a ten-minute walk, with the exception of 3 Sevilla which might take another ten minutes. We hope this will list help our readers decide what to eat in Seville.

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Taberna del Alabardero

Taberna del Alabardero Seville - 1

Taberna del Alabardero Seville is a traditional, formal restaurant located on the first floor of a 19th century mansion which has a beautiful courtyard on the ground floor where they serve tapas and drinks.  The restaurant upstairs caters for formal dining and there are a number of rooms to cater for different functions.  It is listed as a Michelin Guide restaurant (no star though).

Taberna del Alabardero Seville - 3

best seville restaurants - 1

Here are pictures of some parts of the menu.

Taberna del Alabardero Seville - 5

Taberna del Alabardero Seville - 4

We enjoyed the starters as they were interesting and varied. The main courses were more predictable. The standard of the food was high. The service was attentive and professional but could be warmer although that could be a function of the language barrier as we have no Spanish capability.  Overall a bit stuffy in atmosphere but Taberna del Alabardero is a good choice for a special occasion. The cost of dinner for two was about 75 euros (excluding wine).  They have an impressive wine list – it was more like a book than a list.

Taberna del Alabardero Seville - 6

Taberna del Alabardero Seville - 7

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Taberna del Alabardero Seville - 8

Taberna del Alabardero Sevilla C/ Zaragoza, 20, 41001 Sevilla Tel. +34 954 502 721

El Pinton Seville

El Pinton Seville - 9

El Pinto is a contemporary and casual restaurant that provides some contrast from Taberna del Alabardero. It has seating in the Andalusian style courtyard as well as in some internal rooms which are brightly decorated with traditional wall tiles.

El Pinton Seville - 1

El Pinton Seville - 2

Here are pictures of the El Pinton drinks and food menu. As you can see, the prices are quite reasonable.  The gazpacho and Spanish shellfish rice  were especially memorable.  The cost of our lunch for two, including a jug of sangria, was 50 euros.  The octopus and the sweet potato chips were served in huge portions. We over-ordered!

El Pinton Seville - 3

El Pinton Seville - 4

El Pinton Seville restaurant - 1

El Pinton Seville - 6

El Pinton Seville - 5

El Pinton Seville - 7


El Pinton Seville - 8

El Pinton Seville

Calle Francos, 42,41004 Sevilla

Tel: +34 955 07 51 53


Mamarracha Seville - 1

Mamarracha is a modern restaurant near the City Hall of Sevilla or Ayuntamiento, literally right across a road. A dark narrow entrance opens up to a dining area with a beautiful vertical garden.

Mamarracha Seville - 2

Mamarracha Seville - 3

Here are pictures of the food and drinks menu.  With the prices of the food items below 10 euros each and beers priced at 1.3 euro, this is an extremely wallet friendly restaurant.

Mamarracha Seville - 4

Mamarracha Seville - 5

Mamarracha Seville - 6

Mamarracha Seville - 7

The quality of food was high and the anchovies and vegetable tempura were very good.  The cost of a light meal for two with 2 drinks was 24 euros.

Mamarracha Seville - 8

Mamarracha Seville - 9


Mamarracha Seville - 10


Calle Hernando Colón 1-3, by Plaza San Francisco, Seville

Tel: +34 955 123 911

Facebook Page

3 Sevilla

3 Seville Restaurant Review - 6

3 Sevilla is a modern Spanish restaurant that has tables placed well apart in the spacious premises. The decor is interesting as each dining area has a different type of furniture. It is located just behind the Seville bullring – Plaza de Toros.  Just walk around to the back of the building to find the restaurant.   Trying to find it by the street name is not easy as the small lane is not well-known.

3 Sevilla Restaurant - 1

3 Sevilla Restaurant - 2

3 Sevilla Restaurant - 3

3 Seville Restaurant Review - 7

I can’t remember what were the dishes we had that day as the menu is only in Spanish. But I have the photos to show you.  All I can remember is that the food is comparable to those of some ‘high end’ restaurants, yet the dishes are quite reasonably priced at less than 15 euros each.  The delicious chocolate dessert at the bottom is priced at 4.5 euros. That surely is value for money! Total cost of our dinner with three glasses of wine was 56 euros.

3 Seville Restaurant Review - 1

3 Seville Restaurant Review - 2

3 Seville Restaurant Review - 4

3 Seville Restaurant Review - 3


3 Seville Restaurant Review - 5

3 Sevilla

Calle Gracia Fernández Palacios 3
+34 954 56 23 24

Maestro Marcelino

Maestro Marcelino Seville Spanish Jamon and sherry - 1

The last restaurant on our list of the 5 best Seville restaurants is Maestro Marcelino. It is along the same street as Mamarracha.   This is primarily a shop,  like a sort of Spanish delicatessen that sells nice things to eat and drink such as Jamon Iberico, canned fish, Spanish wine and other goodies. There are tables for customers to enjoy their fine products in the store. That was how we ended up eating there.

Maestro Marcelino Sevilla Spanish Jamon and Wine - 12

Maestro Marcelino Sevilla Spanish Jamon and Wine - 3

Maestro Marcelino Sevilla Spanish Jamon and Wine - 10

Maestro Marcelino Sevilla Spanish Jamon and Wine - 6

First we ordered some of the delicious looking Iberian ham and anchovies, then some wine to go with it. The sweet wine –  vermut dulce was very good. Subsequently we discovered from some other diners that the canned food can also be prepared and served on site.  We tried some canned tuna that was served on toast. A liberal dose of olive oil on to the tuna enhanced the taste.  The result was beyond our expectations. These artisanal cans of tuna are very different from the supermarket variety we find at home.

Maestro Marcelino Sevilla Spanish Jamon and Wine - 4

Maestro Marcelino Sevilla Spanish Jamon and Wine - 7

Maestro Marcelino Sevilla Spanish Jamon and Wine - 8

Maestro Marcelino Sevilla Spanish Jamon and Wine - 9


Maestro Marcelino Sevilla Spanish Jamon and Wine - 11

The cost of all that eating and drinking was 27 euros. It was an interesting and fun experience.

Maestro Marcelino Sevilla Spanish Jamon and Wine - 5

Maestro Marcelino

Calle Hernando Colón, 9

41001 Sevilla

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