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Olivia & Co Suntec City – new cafe

Olivia & Co Suntec

Olivia & Co Suntec City is a new cafe that just opened in this big shopping mall.  It is located on the ground floor at the atrium that is in the centre of the mall (between Suntec Towers 1 and 2). Olivia & Co cafe is made up of two parts. The kitchen and service facilities are housed in a regular shop space while the dining area is an open-concept area in the atrium. The bright and wall-less space makes it a rather attractive restaurant to dine at. It also enjoys high visibility and good pedestrian traffic.

Olivia & Co Suntec City - new cafe-2


Olivia & Co

Olivia & Co Suntec City serves the usual Western food selections – all day breakfast, sandwiches and burgers etc. These are items served in many restaurants and  sounds very predictable. Olivia & Co has however injected some variations to these common items and given them catchy names such as “Ginza Burger” and “Hanoi Wings.  Here are pictures of the Olivia & Co menu.

Olivia & Co menu

Olivia & Co Suntec menu

Olivia & Co cafe menu

Olivia & Co brunch menu

We tried the Boston Burger ($18). It was served with a knife plunged into its core and a basket of fries. The last time we saw a burger so brutally treated was in a cafe in East Norfolk, Tasmania (read Eat & Play in Tasmania). We are glad to report that notwithstanding the harsh treatment, the burger tasted fine. It was a good burger but despite the name, no different from other burgers. Although the fries were rosemary fries, the quantity of the herb used was too low to make their presence felt.

Olivia & Co Boston Burger

The Spring Chicken (14) must have been really young. It was very small – almost quail size. The chicken was tender and cooked just fine but it was just so small. Thank goodness for the generous serving of wasabi mash which was nice and creamy.   There was hardly a detectable wasabi taste in the mash.

Olivia & Co Chicken


Several versions of the ubiquitous fried chicken wings are available at Olivia & Co Suntec. We decided to try the Bangkok Wings ($9 for 6 pieces).  They were good and crispy and well marinated with Thai herbs.

Olivia & Co Bangkok Wings

For something sweet we had the the Cinnamon Roll ($12).  This was served in a large portion, a nice change from the preceding items.  It was not really a roll but a stack of waffles with a full set of trimmings – cinnamon. almond slices, ice-cream etc. This was very good.  Dish of the day!

Olivia & Co Waffle

Olivia & Co

Olivia & Co also serves a decent cup of coffee ($5 each).  Overall, it was a pleasant lunch at Olivia & Co Suntec City. Although the items on the menu are the usual suspects, it is good to see the effort to inject some special flavours into them, although we thought that these flavours need a bit more prominence to create a distinctive taste in the dishes. The staff were friendly and helpful.

Olivia & Co Singapore

Suntec City Cafe - Olivia & Co


Olivia & Co Suntec City

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops


Olivia & Co
3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-481/483 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983

Tel: +65 6337 2518

Opening Hours: 9 am – 9 pm

Nearby Stations: Esplanade, City Hall, Promenade

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