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Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Place, Singapore

Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Singapore - 10

Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Place is a relatively new restaurant, having opened in early 2016. It is located on the second level of this rocket-shaped mall, near the end with the curved escalators. If our memory does not fail us, this space was formerly occupied by the N.Y.D.C. Cafe. We stopped by recently, hopeful for some wickedly good lunch.

Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Singapore - 3

Wicked Kitchen Wheelock is quite a simple restaurant. We like the huge wall poster with the large high-resolution pictures of food.  That really catches the eye of passers-by. There is a see-through kitchen at one end which we did not think was a good idea as the kitchen equipment and layout were not exactly eye candy.

Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Singapore - 8

Wicked Kitchen’s menu primarily contains the usual Western restaurant items such as pasta, burgers etc. But we were happy to see a few Asian items like fried rice and rice wraps.  Here are pictures of the Wicked Kitchen Wheelock menu.  We ordered a mix of East and West – fried rice with crispy roast pork ($18) and bacon & cheese burger stack ($20).

Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Singapore - 1

Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Singapore - 2

The fried rice was attractively served in a metal pan. A runny-yolk egg on top always make a dish look even more appetising. There were some pieces of fatty pork belly with crispy skin (siew yuk). It was actually a well-cooked fried rice, except for one thing. It was super oily. The rice had a very good taste from the many ingredients used in the dish but we were distracted by the oil, especially the rice at the bottom of the pan.

Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Singapore - 4

Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Singapore - 5

The burger was a simple one and the meat was cooked exactly as we wanted – medium well. This was a honest and straightforward burger with no extra flavours which are the rage these days such as truffle oil or foie gras or other fancy concoction.

Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Singapore - 6

Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Singapore - 7

Overall, Wicked Kitchen was a place we wanted to like as it serves evergreen Asian and Western dishes in one place.  We did not experience anything wicked at all (apart from oiliness of the rice) and we thought that this was a place we would return to try something else, although we found the prices to be rather high.

Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Singapore - 9


Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops


Wicked Kitchen Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road #02-19

Tel: +65 6684 0980

Opening Hours:   11:30 – 21:00

Nearby MRT Station : Orchard


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