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Tim Ho Wan 112 Katong (Outlet Closed)

Tim Ho Wan in Katong

Hong Kong Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant has opened another new outlet in Singapore – this time in the prime food hub of Katong. Tim Ho Wan in Katong is located on the first level of 112 Katong, in the space vacated by Din Tai Fung. On the weekday evening we went there, there was no queue at its door; and inside the restaurant was only half full. A sign of the times or a case of Michelin star reputation making no impression on the gourmands of Katong?

Tim Ho Wan in Katong

Tim Ho Wan at 112 Katong

The decor of Tim Ho Wan in Katong is fairly basic. It is neat and functional. The tables were reasonably well spaced out.

The menu is limited but the usual Tim Ho Wan items, including the “Big 4 Heavenly Kings”, are available.

Tim Ho Wan Menu Board

Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum

We ordered what we would usually order at Tim Ho Wan – poached fresh vegetables ($5.50), BBQ Pork Buns ($5.30), Beancurd Skin with Pork ($5.30) and Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf ($6.80). We also decided to try their Cheong Fun with Sweet & Sesame Sauce ($4.20). Chinese tea was $1.50 per person. GST and service charge would be added to the bill but there was no other extra.

The first item was served within a few minutes and the rest came soon after. Service was generally efficient but the staff we encountered were not the most amiable lot.

New Tim Ho Wan in Katong

The glutinous rice dumpling (“lor mai gai”) was larger that what we would typically see in other dim sum places in Singapore. The rice was soft and moist and the filling included char siew meat, Chinese sausage and other ingredients. It was very tasty and enjoyable.

The steamed Beancurd Skin with Pork and Shrimp was served in a bamboo basket. The skin was not very delicate but sufficiently smooth. The contents had a good texture and nice balanced flavours.

New Tim Ho Wan restaurant in 112 Katong

Michelin Star Tim Ho Wan

The baked buns with BBQ pork, one of the “Big 4 Heavenly Kings”, were still as good as we remembered them to be – soft texture with a light crispy sweet layer outside and filling that was tender with great smoky sweet-and-salty flavours. Having one is never enough.

The Cheong Fun with Sweet and Sesame Sauce was an interesting dish. The vermicelli rice rolls were smooth and soft. It was enjoyable having the rolls with just soya sauce dressing. The sweet sauce added a different dimension to the dish. However, having tried it, we would not choose this over the more traditional versions of cheong fun next time.

New Tim Ho Wan outlet in 112 Katong

Our previous visits to other Tim Ho Wan outlets in Singapore were somewhat marred by the inadequate spacing between tables and the hurried atmosphere. However, our overall experience at Tim Ho Wan in Katong was a pleasant and enjoyable one. The restaurant was reasonably spacious and tables were of decent sizes. The service staff could have been friendlier but at least we did not feel unwelcome or that we needed to hurry with our meal. At Tim Ho Wan in Katong there was no queue to get in but we still got the same good Tim Ho Wan food.

New Tim Ho Wan in 112 Katong


Food : 4
Service : 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops

Tim Ho Wan in Katong
112 East Coast Road,#01-04
112 Katong
Singapore 428802

Tel: +65 6636 2000

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 10.00am – 10.00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 09.00am – 10.00pm

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