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Granny’s Pancake and Fresh Coffee from Ghim Moh Market

Ghim Moh Market Granny's Pancake - 1

Granny’s Pancake in Ghim Moh market is a stall that stands right in between the two stalls that we had written about earlier – Jie Le Yong Tau Foo and Pasta & Donburi. Granny’s Pancake sells the Singapore local version of pancake more commonly know by the dialect name of “ban chang kueh” or “min chiang kueh”. Curiosity got the better of us as we were waiting for our food and we bought some to try.

Ghim Moh Market Granny's Pancake - 2

Ghim Moh Market Granny's Pancake - 3Granny’s Pancake makes the ban chang kueh in four flavours – peanut, coconut, red bean and peanut plus butter. Each slice costs  80 cents except for the last one which costs $1. We tried the red bean and the peanut versions.  As you can see, the pancakes were very beautifully made. The external skin had an even golden sheen. These pancakes are not as thick and fluffy as some, but the ‘bounce’ was good. The peanut one had generous amounts of peanuts in between, which made it a messy item not to be eaten in the car as copious amounts of peanuts fall out. The red bean one was easier to handle as the red bean paste was well-behaved. The taste of both were good but if pushed, we prefer the red bean version.

Ghim Moh Pancakes - 1

Ghim Moh Pancakes - 2

Another stall that we patronised recently is the Ghim Moh fresh coffee stall. This is located on the market side (i.e not in the food centre side). Stall 01-75 Ghim Moh Fresh Coffee sells many types of coffee beans, with the most expensive one being Arabica beans at $2 per 100g. The others were Robusta or blended beans.

Ghim Moh Fresh Coffee - 2

Customers can buy the beans whole or as ground coffee. At these prices, even the priciest one was half the price of the cheapest supermarket versions. So we bought a 200g pack. Taste wise, they may not have the richness of some of the best beans in town, but they were quite decent and comparable to some brands that cost two times more. The beans are scooped out of the tins and packed in heat sealed bags upon purchase.

Ghim Moh Fresh Coffee - 1

Ghim Moh Fresh Coffee - 1 (1)


The pancakes and coffee from Ghim Moh make a good pair.

Granny’s Pancake and Ghim Moh Fresh Coffee
Units 01-52 and 01-75 respectively
Blk 20 Ghim Moh Road Market & Cooked Food Centre
Ghim Moh Road
Singapore 270020

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