Andes by Astons – new steakhouse in Joo Chiat (Outlet Closed)

Andes by Astons

Astons has become a household name in Singapore serving steaks and other quality Western cuisine at affordable prices. Astons Prime, Aston Express, Astons Steak & Salad and Astons Specialities cater to different segments of their considerable following. Andes by Astons, a new steakhouse in Joo Chiat, serves most of the Astons favourites except the pork items and alcoholic drinks; and is listed as a Halal-certified Eating Establishment on MUIS website.

Andes by Astons

Andes by Astons

Andes By Astons

Andes by Astons along Joo Chiat Road is a casual diner with a cosy space. Its wild wild west theme decor is interesting and attractive. There is a huge mural of dessert scene and cowboy hats adorned the walls. Some staff members are in retro Western check shirts.

According to MUIS website – Andes is Halal certified. The menu is fairly extensive – covering chicken, fish, beef steaks, pasta and burgers as well as sides dishes and beverages. A photo of its regular menu is below. It also offers special items like beef goulash.

Menu of Andes By Astons

Andes Special Menu

We went to Andes for dinner and ordered  Cream of Mushroom Soup ($3.50), Fish Fillet Burger ($5.90), Beefy Jack Burger ($6.90) and Prime Sirloin Steak ($15.90). The order of steak allowed us to choose two sides dishes. We could also add a soft drink for $1 extra. GST would be added to the bill but there was no service charge.

Andes Steakhouse By Astons

The soup was served within a few minutes after our order was taken. It came with 2 pieces of nicely toasted garlic bread. The mushroom soup was not bad; reasonably thick and could also serve as a tasty dip for the bread.

Andes Steakhouse By Astons

The fish fillet burger looked rather simple. The fish fillet was quite large and had a nice golden brown crispy batter. On the whole, the burger was definitely better value and tastier when compared to the fish burgers we had tried in the fast food restaurants. The same could be said of the beef burger. The beef was juicy and flavourful.

Andes Burger

Andes Restaurant By Astons

We had our Prime Sirloin Steak with BBQ Baked Beans and Coleslaw. The sides were good and tasty. The char-grilled beef was of reasonable quality. It was succulent and had a nice flavour. The mushroom sauce was a bit thin but passable. We preferred the steak without the sauce than with it. On the whole, considering we picked the most economical cut of meat, the Prime Sirloin Steak at Andes lived up to Astons’ reputation for serving enjoyable steaks at very affordable prices.

Andes Steakhouse

We enjoyed our dinner at Andes by Astons. The staff were friendly and efficient. The place has a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The menu offers sufficient choice. The food was quite good food and the prices very affordable. It could easily become the default place to head to when we can’t think of a place to go to for a simple meal.

Andes Steak Restaurant By Astons

Food : 3
Service : 3
Value : 5
Atmosphere : 3
Overall Rating: 3TOPs  3 Tops


Andes By Astons
328 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427585

Tel : +65 6247 7934

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm


PS. They have a new outlet at 750 Chai Chee Road #01-30, Viva Business Park Singapore 469000

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