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Wanton (云吞) vs Dumplings (水饺) at Hong Kong Wonton Noodle

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 1

Hong Kong Wonton Noodle is a noodle shop in the basement of the Plaza Singapura shopping mall. The restaurant was opened last year, soon after the famous Mak’s noodle from Hong Kong opened its first outlet at Centrepoint, so comparisons are inevitable. You can read our post on Mak’s Noodles here.

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 5

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle Plaza Singapura - 1

The Hong Kong Wonton Noodle restaurant at Plaza Singapura is done up in the standard noodle shop look with traditional Chinese design elements. The positive thing is that the tables are set reasonably far apart so it did not feel congested.   Here are some pictures of the menu. As you can see they serve the usual Hong Kong noodle shop type of food. The noodles are the stars here, so it is quite obvious we have to order that.

The main decision is whether to have the Wanton (云吞) or the  Shrimp Dumpling (水饺) noodles.  We decided to have both for comparison, an order of stewed beef brisket 9.80) and kailan with oyster sauce ($6.80).

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 2

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 3

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 4

Let us show you the side dishes first before the battle of the noodles. The beef brisket was well made, the pieces of meat were soft but with a sufficient amount of bounce. What was very good was the gravy, which turned out to be a useful sauce for the other item as well.

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 8

The oyster sauce kailan was a big serving of the vegetable. I think we met our vitamin C quota for the week just by eating this. We found the oyster sauce to be too one-dimensional (just salty)  and so we used the gravy from the beef brisket, that added a nice beefy flavour to the vegetables.

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 11

The soup wanton noodle ($6.80) was served in typical Hongkong style, with all the wanton submerged. We had to dig them out to take the photos. The dish was good. The wantons had nice fresh prawns and the noodles had the right texture. If we had to compare them with Mak’s we will say that they are close but we think that the Mak’s version had a lighter and more refined taste.

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 10

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 9

What is the difference between prawn dumpling and wanton? Here are pictures of the dry prawn dumpling noodles ($7.80). The wantons’ contents were mainly prawn. The prawn dumplings were bigger than the wanton and they contain more ingredients. I am not sure what those ingredients are but they could be pork, mushroom and/or chives.  I may be totally wrong about this, but whatever those ingredients were, they added more layers of taste to the dumpling as compared to the wanton. Another difference is the soup, which you see in the bowl on the left.  It is a dark soup, more meaty and with some herbal soup taste.

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 13

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 12

Now we show you the wanton next to the prawn dumpling in the picture below, The verdict of the Wanton (云吞) vs Dumplings (水饺) match?  It depends. Those who like a classic clean tasting noodle dish may prefer the wanton noodles. Those who prefer noodles with a more robust taste, the prawn dumplings would be more suitable. We fall into the latter category.

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 14

Overall, Hong Kong Wonton Noodle is a simple place for a quick HK noodle meal. The noodles and side dishes were good and prices were quite reasonable. An ice barley drink costs $3.

Hong Kong Wonton Noddle - 15

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs    3 Tops


Hong Kong Wonton Noodle
#B2-25 Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839

Tel: +65 6694 0923

Opening Hours : 11 am to 10 pm

Nearby MRT Station : Dhoby Ghaut

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