Bodacious Bistro Biopolis, revisited 2016

Bodacious Biopolis Bar and Bistro 2016 - 1

It has been almost a year since our last visit to the Bodacious Bistro in Biopolis, Buona Vista. We dropped in again recently to see what has changed. Our previous visit was generally very positive. You can see more pictures and read more of Bodacious Bistros in our previous post here.

Bodacious Bistro 2016 - 1

The first impression when we visited the bistro was that everything looked the same. On closer examination, some items in the menu had changed, but the broad picture is pretty much the same.  We ordered some familiar items – Hoegaarden beer ($13 for a pint), Bodacious signature drink ($4.20) and meatballs ($15.80) and some untried ones – tenderloin steak and fries ($21.80), truffle fries ($8.90), pulled pork burger ($14.80), country beef pie ($14.80), flower clam bucket ($13.80) and chicken and pesto pasta ($14.80).

Bodacious Biopolis 2016 - 3

We had the truffle fries with the beer and the signature drink, which was as cool and refreshing as we remember it. The fries were fine but quite expensive.

Bodacious Bistro 2016 - 2

The meatball dish had slightly changed, but it was still a very good dish. With the runny baked egg and tomato based sauce, it was a perfect companion to eat with the bread.

Bodacious Bistro 2016 - 5

Bodacious Bistro 2016 - 6

The clams were average, not bad but not memorable. This is clearly an appetizer dish, the quantity of clams were small. More bread was provided to be eaten with the clams and to be dipped in the broth.

Bodacious Biopolis 2016 - 2

The beef pie was heavy and had a good meaty taste. Probably a good choice for those in a hurry. Just scoop and eat.

Bodacious Biopolis 2016 - 1

The pulled pork burger with sweet potato fries was very good. The sweet potatoes being a good change from the usual ones.

Bodacious Bistro 2016 - 3

Bodacious Bistro 2016 - 4

The tenderloin was an attractive piece of grass-fed beef.   The meat had a nice natural flavour. We were however not so enthusiastic about the sauce provided.  The beef was good to eat without the sauce. Priced at $21.80, we thought this was quite reasonably priced.

Bodacious Bistro 2016 - 7

Bodacious Bistro 2016 - 8

Finally, for dessert, we had the choco lava cake ($6.90). It was a good sweet way to end the meal. Overall, our experience at Bodacious Bistro was similar to what we remembered our last visit to be. Fuss-free, unpretentious food in a quiet suburban setting.

Bodacious Biopolis 2016 - 4

Bodacious Biopolis 2016 - 5

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Chope Reservations

Bodacious Bistro
70 Biopolis Street #01-05
Singapore 138669

Tel: +65 6778 9585

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 11:00 – 22:00
Sat: 09:00 – 22:00


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