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New Five Food Way in Tiong Bahru Plaza

Five Food Way Tiong Bahru Plaza

A Tiong Bahru food guide can become obsolete almost as soon it is published. The once tired looking Tiong Bahru Plaza is undergoing a transformation and adding new F&B options. In recent months, there are new eateries opening there every week or so; even a Tiong Bahru food guide updated on a monthly basis may not be able to keep up with the evolving Tiong Bahru food scene.

As part of its asset enhancement plan, Tiong Bahru Plaza now has a new food wing with the witty name of Five Food Way. All the eateries in the Level 2 Five Food Way in Tiong Bahru Plaza are now opened. The food street offers a diverse range of casual dining choices. Local Bak Kuk Teh, Taiwanese dessert, Korean Bimbibap and Vietnamese Pho as well Japanese, Peranakan, Thai, Western and Chinese food are available at Five Food Way.

Five Food Way Tiong Bahru Plaza

I visited Five Food Way in Tiong Bahru Plaza recently as I wanted to check out NiceDay Desserts. The modern food street looks like a good have to have a quick lunch. Almost all the stalls in Five Foot Way have enticing food and special offers. I ended up eating at Paik’s Bibim primarily because I was attracted to the name (why “Paik” and not the expected “Park”?).

Paik’s Bibim

Paik's Bibim

Paik’s Bibim shares the space with Paik’s Coffee. Paik’s Bibim’s main offering is the simple healthy Korean dish – Bibimbap.  In addition to different types of Bibimbap, noodles, their unique Cupbap and side dishes, like steamed egg and rice cakes, are available.

Tiong Bahru Paik's Bibim Menu

Paik's Bibim Menu

I ordered a Pork Bibimbap ($7.90) at the counter. I paid and was given a buzzer and a receipt with my calling number. When my food was ready, the number started flashing at the digital counter, the buzzer started vibrating and the staff called out my number. With such “confirm plus double confirm”, even the most inattentive person would realise that his number was up.

Tiong Bahru Paik's Pork Bibimbap

The bibimbap was served in a large bowl with soup and spicy pickles. It was colourful and attractive. The taste was good too. I thought it was good value at the price of $7.90.

Paik's Pork Bibimbap

A wide range of coffee, smoothies and desserts are available from Paik’s Coffee.

Paik's Coffee

Paik's Coffee Menu

The website of Paik’s Bibim says Korean Celebrity Chef Jong-won Paik developed the “healthy, delicious and simple modern Bibimbap menus” of the restaurant. That should explain the name of the restaurant.


Facebook Page

Facebook Page of Paik’s Coffee

Other eateries at the Level 2 Five Food Way in Tiong Bahru Plaza are listed below.

Baba Wins’ Peranakan Cuisine

Baba Wins at Tiong Bahru Plaza


Baba Wins Menu

Tiong Bahru Baba Wins Menu

Baba Win’s is a family restaurant offering Singapore and Penang Peranakan cuisine at reasonable prices. Ssee our post Baba Wins’ – a tiny Peranakan restaurant in Star Vista.


+65 6352 0218

Facebook Page of Baba Wins’

Dolce Tokyo

Dolce Tokyo by MOF

Dolce Tokyo Tiong Bahru

Dolce Tokyo Menu

Dolce Tokyo is a trendy Japanese Italian diner of the Ministry of Food (MOF) Group, who is also behind brands like Lenas and Social Square. Japanese curry rice, Italian crostini, pastas, piazzas, brunch items as well as desserts, cakes, parfait and shakes are on the menu.

Dolce Tokyo Five Food Way

The Matach Zen ($9) came in a haevy stone bowl. The portion was generous. The Hokkaido red bean paste, rice balls and green tea gelato combined well.


+65 6250 7188

Facebook Page of Dolce Tokyo

O Banh Mi

O Banh Mi Tiong Bahru

O Banh Mi Menu

O Banh Mi offers Vietnamese street food such as Banh mi, Pho, Summer Rolls, Spring Rolls and Vietnamese Coffee and Tea.


+65 9764 2108

Facebook Page of O Banh Mi

Tea Valley

Tea Valley at Tiong Bahru Plaza

Tea Valley Opening Special


Tea Valley offers traditional Taiwanese dishes like Oyster Noodle, Braised Pork Rice and Crispy Salted Chicken as well as light snacks.


+65 6352 8285

Facebook Page

A few familiar names are also at Five Food Way in Tiong Bahru

Xin Wang at Tiong Bahru

The cafe with street food of Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Singapore.


+65 62709646

Old Street Bak Kut Teh Special

Ichicban at Five Foot Way

Old Street Bak Kut Teh offers a variety of Bak Kut Teh as well as You Tiao with Soya Milk.


+65 9812 9346

Ichiban Boshi

Old Street Bak Kut Teh at Tiong Bahru

A selection of sushi, sashimi and variety set meals a la carte items and set meals is available. The specialty Salmon Zukushi menu offers a wide range of salmon dishes prepared in various cooking methods.


6352 5940

Bangkok Jam

Bangkok Jam at Tiong Bahru Plaza

The contemporary Thai restaurant offers a nice relaxed space to enjoy traditional Thai favourites like tom yam soup, phad thai and curry as well as interesting dishes such as Spaghetti with Yellow Curry & Soft-shell Crab, Thai Massaman Curry with New Zealand Beef and Fish Head in Tom Yam Curry.

+65 6250 3446

A-One Signature

A One Signature at Tiong Bahru

A-One Signature serves their signature claypot dishes as well as other classic Chinese home-cooked food. See our post A-One Claypot House @ Seletar Mall – Best Porridge in Singapore?


+65 6250 7668

Besides those in the main food street of Five Food Way at level 2, there are a number of other new eateries in Tiong Bahru Plaza such as Munch, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Three Little Pigs (see our post on Three Little Pigs in Ngee Ann City). More restaurants and cafe will be opening soon when basement 1 of Tiong Bahru Plaza is re-opened.

Three Little Pigs Tiong Bahru Plaza


Current Parking Charges at Tiong Bahru Plaza
Monday – Saturday
$1.50 for 1st hour and $0.80 for each subsequent half hour or part thereof

Sunday & Public Holiday
$1.50 per hour from 7am to 6pm; $3.60 per entry from 6pm to 7am

Till 14 August 2016, there is a special promotion where you get 2 hour free parking when you spend $30 at Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Nearby MRT Station: Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru Plaza
302 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 168732

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