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Da Paolo Gastronomia, Paragon

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Da Paolo Gastronomia, Paragon is located in the basement level of the Paragon Shopping Centre on Orchard Road.  It is a part of the vast Da Paolo empire that has outlets all over Singapore under various trade labels such as Gastronomia, Pizza Bar and Bistro Bar. Previously just a delicatessen selling Italian food and beverages, it has taken on more space some time back and operates a cafe there as well.  Which makes it a good place to make a pit stop in between shopping and to savour the delectable offerings on display.

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The cafe is simply decorated with a bare industrial look. Order, pay at the counter, find a table and the food will be served. We decided to try a white chocolate scone ($4.40) and a double baked almond croissant ($4.20). Coffee costs $5 each.

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The almond croissant was quite large and fully covered by a generous layer of sliced almonds. The white chocolate scone is bigger and flatter than the typical sconce. It was also not as buttery and crumbly.  For us that is fine as it made it an easier item to handle. Taste-wise, they were both good pastries.

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The coffee impressed us more than the food. They were strong and rich. The pastries were a nice snack to eat with the coffee. Overall, Da Paolo Gastronomia, Paragon was a relaxing place to have a cuppa while watching the busy supermarket shoppers rush by.

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Da Paolo Gastronomia
#B1-K8, 290 Orchard Road
The Paragon Singapore
Singapore 238859

Tel: +65 6738 1462

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00

Nearby MRT Stations : Somerset, Orchard

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