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Kaya and Otah Toast at Toast Box Rail Mall

Toast Box Rail Mall - 10

Toast Box Rail Mall is a pleasant-looking coffee shop along Upper Bukit Timah Road. Toast Box is a local style coffee shop specialising in freshly toasted bread and their blend of Nanyang coffee. It has many branches all over Singapore and most of us have probably visited one of their outlets at some point in time. We stopped by the Toast Box Rail Mall outlet recently for a simple coffee break.

Toast Box Rail Mall - 2

Rail Mall is a row of single storey shophouses. All the shops and restaurants are therefore at street level which means this is one of the rare places in Singapore where one can park right in front of the restaurant. To make it even sweeter, parking is free! The shopfront parking lots are of course few and rare. One is more likely to find a lot at the surface parking area about twenty metres away (also free).

Toast Box Rail Mall - 3

Toast Box Rail Mall - 1 (1)

Here is the Toast Box menu which is probably the same in all their outlets in Singapore.  We ordered a multigrain kaya toast ($1.90) and an otah thick toast ($1.80) and two coffees ($1.80 each).

Toast Box Rail Mall - 1

The drinks are served straightaway at the counter after payment. The buzzer will sound when the food is ready for collection.  Service was quick and friendly.

Toast Box Rail Mall - 5

Here are pictures of the kaya toast and the otah toast. There is really not much to say about these familiar local breakfast and all day snacks.  The otah in particular was very good although it would be better if the otah paste was spread thicker.  A simple coffee break in a nice coffee shop in a quiet part of Singapore.

Toast Box Rail Mall - 6

Toast Box Rail Mall - 7

Toast Box Rail Mall - 9

Toast Box Rail Mall - 8

Toast Box Rail Mall
The Rail Mall, #01-01
448 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678068

Tel: +65 6468 5421

Operating hours: 8am to 8pm

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