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McDonald’s Angry Bird Super Red Burger

McDonald's Angry Bird Burger Jem - 8

There was one thing on our mind as we stepped into the McDonald’s outlet at Jem Shopping Mall in Jurong East. The Super Red McDonald’s Angry Bird burger. We knew it was probably a gimmick. How different can a burger be right? But curiosity got the better of us. This is a short post on this special burger released to coincide with the Angry Birds movies in Singapore.

McDonald's Angry Bird Burger Jem - 7

The staff at the Jem outlet of McDonald’s are the most friendly bunch that we have seen in a long while. Buying food from them was a pleasure. The McDonald’s Angry Bird burger costs $7.95 in a meal format, slightly less if ordered on its own. By the way, the McD Jem is one of the outlets that have the “Create Your Taste” facility by which customers can design their own burgers. You can read more about it on their webpage (link below).

McDonald's Angry Bird Burger Jem - 1

Here is our McDonald’s Angry Bird burger with some of its fellow, less flamboyant, burgers.

McDonald's Angry Bird Burger Jem - 2

The box which the Angry Bird burger was contained in was very distinctive.  Tear along some dotted lines on the side of the box and two wings open out. Making it look more realistic and angry.

McDonald's Angry Bird Burger Jem - 4

Now we show you how the Super Red burger looks like. We knew it would be red, but it looked so very red in real life. How much food colouring must have gone into making each burger, we wonder.

McDonald's Angry Bird Burger Jem - 3

McDonald's Angry Bird Burger Jem - 5

Here is an exploded view to show the innards of the Super Red burger. Essentially, there were flat fried chicken patties, a generous amount of lettuce and a fried egg sandwiched between the red bun. The pièce de résistance of the meal was the spicy sauce. Spicy enough to make its presence felt but not enough to numb your tongue. It was just right. They should make this a standard item, but without the extreme food colour.  Overall, a fun and interesting meal at McDonald’s Jem.

McDonald's Angry Bird Burger Jem - 6


McDonald’s JEM 
50 Jurong Gateway Road
#01-63, #02-55 JEM®
Singapore 608549

Tel: 63394006

Operating Hours:
24 hours

Dessert Kiosk:

After breakfast hours to 11pm

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