Mad About Sucre, French restaurant and patisserie in Chinatown

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Mad About Sucre is a delightful French restaurant and patisserie. Many may already know about the pastry skills of the chefs there. With decades of working in Paris and having a name that proclaims that they are “mad about sugar”, one can presume that they will be good with producing the sweet stuff. We heard that they had recently started serving regular warm food in addition to their famous desserts and so we headed to Mad About Sucre for lunch recently.

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Mad About Sucre is located on the ground floor of a shophouse on Teo Hong Road, a street that many have travelled on, but not noticed its name. It is actually a branch of Bukit Pasoh Road that is parallel to Keong Saik Road. Basically, Mad About Sucre faces the Oso Italian Restaurant and is a stone’s throw from Andre’s.  Geographically, it is in good culinary company.

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Based on what conversations we had that day, Mad About Sucre is helmed by a few people, including a pair of siblings that had worked for decades in Paris and have now returned to Singapore.  You can read more about them on their website. The owners’ touch can be seen in some personal items scattered around the place, including this handsome old stereo set.

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The cake display case contained some wonderful specimens of the cakes and desserts produced in the patisserie.  Here are some of them.

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Here is a picture of the Mad About Sucre warm food menu. It is a short menu but the items listed looked very tempting. According to the description on the menu the food served here were “scratch cooked”, slow cooked” and had no preservatives or artificial flavours.  Wonderful.  We only ordered two dishes for sharing so as to leave room for their wonderful desserts.

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The foie gras, grilled prawns and caviar salad ($36) was a big bowl full of good stuff. Once the salad was properly tossed,  the greens were nicely coated with a layer of the dressing, caviar, a soft-boiled egg and small cubes of foie gras. The smoky grilled seafood taste was imparted by the prawns to the overall combination of taste. A very original and wonderfully tasting salad.

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The wine list was quite limited, with an all French (and quite pricey) line-up. There were some bottles in the chiller that were not in the list, we settled on a bottle of white 2014 Les Quarterons Domaine Amirault from the Loire Valley.  A very pleasant and fresh white wine which was lovely, but rather expensive at $120.

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This is the other dish we ordered, the rib eye stew ($38). This was a nice hearty beef stew made with French Pinot Noir wine.  The taste was good but not as spectacular as the salad. It has to be said that the pieces of toasted baguette were very good. The portion of stew was quite large, probably too much if only eaten by one of us. So having just two dishes for two people was just right.

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Finally, time for desserts. We had the Le Caillou ($12.80) and the Chocolat Noir ($12.80).

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The Caillot (or the pebble), looked like a three-inch ball made of marble.  Its texture was however far from hard and can be easily sliced in half to reveal its innards. We were given a description of the various ingredients that make up this pebble. All I can remember is that there were pecan nut, mandarin orange, rum and other tastes in the various  layers of the ball. It is amazing how many distinctive flavours can be cramped within this ball. This could be one of the best cakes in Singapore.

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The Chocolat Noir was the strongest tasting dessert on offer. Made with different types of chocolate including 66% Mexican chocolate and 100% French dark chocolate and other components, this was a very good chocolate cake but not as brilliant as the Pebble. Coffee costs $7.90 each.

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Overall, Mad About Sucre is clearly not a run of the mill French restaurant in Singapore. We could sense the enthusiasm and pride in their craft when we speak with the folks there.  We could also feel it in their food.

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Food: 5
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

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Mad About Sucre
27 Teo Hong Road
Singapore 088334

Tel: +65 62213969

Opening Hours:
Tues to Sat: 12.30pm to 10pm
Sunday: 12.30pm to 5pm
Monday: Closed

Nearby Stations: Outram Park

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