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Grain Traders’ new outlet in 100am Mall Amara Hotel (Outlet Closed)

The easiest way to describe the Grain Traders restaurant concept is to say that it is an upmarket version of our humble economical rice  (chai png) stall. Their stylish version of getting customers to choose their rice and types of meat and vegetables had been successful at their first Singapore outlet at CapitaGreen in Raffles Place. They recently opened their second outlet at 100am Mall at Amara Hotel, Tras Street. We stopped by this branch in Tanjong Pagar to try out these popular rice and noodle bowls.

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Grain Traders 100am is in the mall that is annexed to the Amara Hotel along Tras Street. It occupies a large space on the ground floor. It is simply fitted out in a raw industrial finish, perhaps to reflect the decor of what a grain trader should be. Like the economy rice or nasi padang stalls we are used to, Grain Traders adopts a self-service restaurant set up. Look at the food and point at the ones you fancy, pay and carry your tray to your table.

Grain Traders-2

The default option is a $16 bowl, which can be either one of the Signature Bowls which are pre-set combinations or you can customise your bowl with one choice of grain, one meat item, one hot vegetable, two cold vegetables (or one more cooked veg), one sauce and one topping.

Grain Traders-6

Grain Traders-5

Here are pictures of some of the meat and warm vegetable dishes.

Grain Traders-8

Here are the cold vegetables, essentially a salad option.

Grain Traders-10

Here is a picture of the toppings and sauces.

Grain Traders-12


We selected two customised bowls and a BeeBop Signature Bowl. Each costs $16 nett, i.e. no more extra taxes etc.

Grain Traders-20

The picture below shows The BeeBop Bowl.  A combination of braised pork, grilled baby corn, beans and vegetables with brown rice.

Grain Traders-18

This is our customised bowl of soba noodles, grilled salmon, potatoes and there vegetables.

Grain Traders-16

Grain Traders-19

This is our other customised bowl of brown rice and seared tuna with two cooked vegetables that include some lovely beetroot.

Grain Traders-17

Grain Traders-22

We can easily say that all the bowls were very good.  With the different ingredients of various colours, textures and flavours, the three bowls all looked and tasted good. As the sauces were provided in separate containers, we could experiment with the sauces. Even curry sauce with the seared tuna. Quirky but different. Overall the rice bowl concept at Grain Traders is a successful one.  If only they serve the rice and dishes warm, then it would be perfect.

Grain Traders-26

Grain Traders-15

The drinks and desserts counter is located at the other end of the restaurant. It also operates a self-service system. There are many options, but the basic coffee option was $4 for black coffee and $5 for white coffee (such as latte and cappuccino). The coffee was rich and flavourful.

Grain Traders-27

Grain Traders-29


Grain Traders-30

Grain Traders-34

Grain Traders-32

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops


Grain Traders
100 Tras Street
100 AM Mall
Singapore 079027

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8AM – 8PM
Saturday & Sunday: 11AM – 8PM (100AM only)

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