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Mitzo Singapore

Mitzo Singapore

Mitzo Singapore is an amazing Cantonese Restaurant with an intriguing name and an interior decor which is a cross between a conservative Chinese restaurant and an 80’s disco. Situated in the prime shopping district of Orchard Road, Mitzo is elegant enough for a business lunch and glitzy enough for a special family celebration. It is also glamorous and exotic enough to make it a nice venue for a date.

Mitzo Singapore

We have visited Mitzo previously for coffee and dessert. You can read the earlier post of our experience there and see more photos of the restaurant and bar.

Mitzo Restaurant Singapore

Mitzo Weekend Brunch

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We visited Mitzo Singapore for lunch this time. They currently have a weekend brunch with a special menu (see picture of the menu below). At $60 per person, you can order one portion of the Supreme Special Dishes from the menu and unlimited portions of all other items on the menu.

Mitzo Singapore Weekend Brunch Menu

Pictures of a few random pages of their regular menu are below.

Mitzo Singapore Restaurant Menu

Mitzo Singapore Restaurant Menu

Mitzo Singapore Restaurant Menu

Mitzo Singapore Menu

Mitzo Restaurant Menu

Mitzo Singapore

We ordered a few appetizers and two dim sum platters from their regular menu.

Mitzo Singapore Mango Ribs

One of the appetizers was the Honey Lemongrass Ribs with Mango Salsa ($22). It was excellent. The meat were really tender and tasty. The tangy salsa complemented the sweetness of the honey glazed meat really well. We would recommend this dish.

The other appetizer was the Crispy Dick Roll ($14). It was very ordinary.

Mitzo Singapore Duck Roll

The Mitzo Special BBQ Pork was, well, really special. It was sweet, succulent and tender. It was coated with a thin brittle layer of sugar which gave it an interesting texture. It was almost like eating candy. Highly recommended unless you are already a borderline diabetic.

Mitzo Singapore BBQ Roasted Meat

Mitzo Singapore Roast meat

The Steamed Dim Sum Platter ($28) consisted of Chicken & Shrimp Dumpling, Shrimp & Pork Dumpling and Royal Shrimp Dumpling (2 pieces of each). The Deep Fried Dim Sum Platter ($26) had 2 pieces each of Bread Coated Shrimp with Foie Gras, Radish Puff and Crispy Glutinous Pumpkin Dumpling with Custard Filling. The dim sum were colourful and beautifully presented. Each dim sum item looked like a work of art.

Mitzo Singapore Dim Sum

Taste-wise the steamed dim sum items were fairly ordinary. They were basically like the usual siew mais and har kows but dressed up and topped with baby abalones and caviar.

Mitzo Singapore Dim Sum

Mitzo Restaurant Dim Sum

The deep-fried items had alluring good looks and were delicious too. The Radish Puffs looked liked small green curry puffs. The fluffy outer pastry was delightful and the fillings were delicious. The Pumpkin Dumplings really looked liked mini pumpkins. They had a combination of different textures and were sweet. We enjoyed the Radish Puffs.

Mitzo Singapore Dim Sum

We thought the food at Mitzo Singapore was a case of hits and misses. Some of the items were fairly pedestrian but the deep-fried dim sum were interesting and tasty. We thought the BBQ Pork and Honey Lemongrass Ribs were outstanding.

Mitzo Singapore Dim Sum

Overall, Mitzo Singapore certainly provides a unique modern Chinese dining experience. The setting is  vibrant and inviting. The presentation of the food is creative and visually appealing. There are some excellent dishes on the menu. Choose the right items and you can have a really sumptuous meal and a wonderful time at Mitzo. “Mitzo” is the hip transliteration of “Honey Date” in Cantonese. We know that Singlish is really about using just one or two words to say what it may take a very long full sentence in Queen’s English to express. Perhaps in time, the Singlish word for “Honey, shall we have an intimate dinner date in an elegant restaurant serving contemporary Cantonese cuisine?” will be “Mitzo?”.

Mitzo Restaurant Dim Sum

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPS  4 tops


Level 4 Grand Park Orchard
270 Orchard Road
Singapore 238857

Tel :  +65 6603 8855

Chope Restaurant Reservation

Operating Hours
Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Bar (Supper): 6.30pm to 12am last order
(Sun to Thurs)
6.30pm to 1am last order
(Fri, Sat, eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays)

Nearby Station : Somerset


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