Chillas Indian Restaurant in Fusionopolis, One North

Chillas Restaurant is an Indian restaurant located on the second level of the Galaxis building in Fusionopolis, One North, Singapore. They serve traditional Indian cuisine in a large modern space facing the food court and the Yunnan Garden Chinese restaurant. We had a light lunch there recently.

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 14

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 1

Chillas is a bright and airy restaurant with natural sunlight streaming in from the full glass wall on one side. The booth seats are the best seats in the house.

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 2

Here are some pictures of some portions of the Chillas restaurant menu. The full menu contains a wide range of food. The Dhum Biryanis are said to be the  must-eat items here. So we ordered a Chicken Dhum Bryani ($10, a mixed vegetable curry ($8) and an onion pakoda ($6). We had no idea what the last item was other than that it was a type of starter.

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Chillas Indian Restaurant - 5

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 4

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 10

This is the onion pakoda.  Deep fried onion fritters. The onion pieces were coated with a thick layer of batter which had been flavoured with a lot of Indian spices. There was a mint based dip provided with the dish but the pakoda can be eaten by itself or with the other curry that we ordered. It will probably work very well with a cold beer.

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 13

The dhum briyani was a dry dish and so we decided to have a curry to accompany it. This is our mixed vegetable curry. A very mild flavourful curry which will be liked by most. We liked it with the briyani and the onion pakoda.

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 12

Now we show you the dhum briyani. We understand that “dhum” biryani differs from regular briyani in that the chicken pieces are cooked in the rice.

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 8

The chicken content was rather low, only three or four pieces of bony chicken in this metal pot. But the taste of the rice was very good. Full of flavours and the rice had a good firm texture.

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 9

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 7

Lunch at Chillas Indian Restaurant in Fusionopolis One North was a pleasant experience.  It is always exciting to try out dishes we had never hated before.  With the benefit of this first experience we would order a stronger, more spicy meat curry the next time. This will spice up the meal a bit more. Free flow of papadums was served. We had to stop them from replenishing the papadum dish. No GST was charged but there was a 10% service charge. The total cost of our meal was $26.40 for two. We thought that was quite a reasonably priced Indian meal in a  nice restaurant

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 11

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 6

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Chillas Restaurant
Galaxis #02-03
1 Fusionopolis Place
Singapore 138522

Tel: +65-67104104

Week Days  11AM – 9PM
Saturday  11AM – 9PM
Sunday  Closed



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