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Eat First Restaurant in Siglap (Closed)

Eat first, talk later. That old Chinese saying may be the inspiration for the name of a new Chinese restaurant in Siglap. Food is the top priority in Eat First Restaurant,食之為鮮. Everything else seems secondary. Eat First Restaurant is a basic eatery serving home cooked style Cantonese dishes. Their signature dish is the steamed fish head with black bean sauce.

Eat First Siglap


Eat First Restaurant is located along East Coast Road just after Siglap Road. It is in one of the shop units previously occupied by Pizza Hut. There is a small car park just in front of the restaurant. The decor is basic but neat and tidy. It is a simple air-conditioned eatery and it does not pretend to be anything else. There is no floral arrangement or replica art pieces. No philosophical slogans or witty posters on the walls either. Even the menu is simply a one page laminated thing.

EAT FIRST Restaurant 食之為鮮

Eat First Menu

We visited the new restaurant in Siglap for dinner and ordered Bean Curd with Prawns ($18) and Fried Kai Lan with Beef ($18) to go with plain steamed rice ($1 per bowl). Chinese tea was $1 per person. There was no other extra charge and no GST or service charge was added to the bill.

豆腐大蝦 Prawn Tofu at Eat First

The food was served after a wait of only a few minutes. The portions were substantial. Each dish would seem to be more suitable for a meal shared by four or five.

The bean curb with prawns were good. The bean curb had the wok hei taste on the outside. The inside was smooth and soft. The semi-peeled prawns had firm flesh and were slightly sweet. The dish as a whole had a nice balanced taste that was enjoyable.

豆腐大蝦 Prawn Tofu

The Fried Kai Lan with Beef was tasty. The beef was nice and tender. The kai lan was perfectly cooked – it was fresh and succulent.

Eat First Restaurant Siglap

One the whole we enjoyed a simple delicious dinner at Eat First Restaurant. It was almost like eating a dinner prepared by mum. Eat First Restaurant in Siglap is not the place for frills and luxury. Think of it as a zhi char stall in an air-conditioned setting. The service is efficient and the food tasty. It is a good place for a family meal or when you miss mum’s cooking.


Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  

3 Tops


Eat First Restaurant 食之為鮮
891 East Coast Road
Singapore 459094

Tel: +65 6443 8434

Opening Hours:
11:45 – 14:30
17:45 – 21:30

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