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Kyushu Pancake Cafe at Novena (Moved)

Kyushu Pancake Cafe at Novena

Kyushu Pancake Cafe at Novena Regency is a Japanese Cafe which is popular in  Japan and Taiwan. The secret to its success is apparently the proprietary pancake mix, which comprises seven grains – wheat flour, sprouted brown rice, millet, pressed barley, purple and black glutinous rice and white rice – grains from different prefectures of Kyushu. The 7 grain mix was said to make Kyushu pancakes chewy and dense and to give them a natural, sweet fragrance and taste. We visited Kyushu Pancake Cafe at Novena Regency recently to find out why its pancakes were so popular.

Kyushu Pancake Cafe at Novena

Kyushu Pancake Cafe at Novena

Kyushu Pancake Cafe at Novena is rather small. It has a basic black and white theme with plenty of light wood. It looked like the typical modern Japanese cafes we had visited in Japan. However, we felt the atmosphere was nothing like the cafes in Japan. Perhaps the polite chatter in Japanese was missing. Instead, there were a few crying babies and playful kids in Kyushu Pancake Cafe the day we visited. The acoustic environment of the cafe was not good. We felt the cafe was too noisy and the problem was compounded by the loud sounds from the coffee making machine and the blender used for smoothies.

Kyushu Pancake Cafe Singapore

Luckily the noise level in Kyushu Pancake Cafe at Novena would not hamper the ordering of food. The menu is quite straightforward and it has many photo illustrations. So we just need to point to what we wanted. Pictures of random sections of the menu are below.

Kyushu Pancake Cafe Singapore Menu

Kyushu Pancake Cafe Novena Menu

Kyushu Pancake Cafe Menu

We went there for lunch ordered the Karange Chicken Waffle ($19) and Egg Benedict Pancakes ($18).

Kyushu Pancake Cafe Chicken Waffle

The waffle was very average. The chicken was not bad. It was crispy and the sake and honey sauce enhanced the flavour of the chicken. On the whole, the dish was quite enjoyable.

Kyushu Pancake Cafe Egg Benedict

The Egg Benedict Pancakes looked quite good but overall the taste was ordinary. The pancakes were fine and had a nice texture and a slightly sweet, grainy aroma. However, we would not go out of our way to have them.

Kyushu Pancake Cafe Egg Benedict


We rounded off our meal with the Classic French Toasts ($10.90). That was the most enjoyable dish of the day. Simple thick toasts were served in cubes together with fresh cream and a white wine honey sauce together with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The various components of the dish combined well. It was simple but delicious.

Kyushu Pancake Cafe Classic French Toast

Overall, we thought the food at Kyushu Pancake Cafe was not bad but the prices were a bit on the high side. Kyushu Pancake Cafe at Novena Regency seemed to be popular with families with young children. It was very busy when we visited it and there were many young patrons there. Perhaps it was not easy for the service staff to be efficient and hospitable in those circumstances, but somehow we thought the service level could be better. Perhaps, over time and with more experience, things will improve. If they could also improve on the acoustic environment, Kyushu Pancake Cafe could be an appealing place for some delicious French toasts and healthy pancakes.

Kyushu Pancake Cafe Classic French Toast

Food: 3
Service: 2
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops


Kyushu Pancake Cafe
New Location:
25 Lorong Liput
Singapore 277735

Tel: +65 6352 6265

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:00
Closed on Mondays

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