COO Bistro Singapore in the new COO Boutique Hostel, Outram Road

We had lunch at COO Bistro and Boutique Hostel Singapore, a new restaurant in a new hostel that just opened in the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood. Attracted by its unique name and bold frontage along Outram Road, we decided to check out this cool new restaurant in a place that already has many places to eat.

COO Bistro & Hostel at Outram

The entrance to the COO Bistro is certainly eye-catching. Being situated along a row of rather seasoned shophouses, this brightly designed space pops up among its more traditionally decorated neighbours. There was even more boldness in design after we stepped indoors.

COO Bistro & Hostel


A neon-light map of Tiong Bahru on the ceiling, murals celebrating this atmospheric neighbourhood on the walls, including a receipe for making chwee kueh. We cannot accuse this new restaurant in Tiong Bahru of being boring.


Here are pictures of some pages of the COO Bistro menu. It is a western food meets local favourites kind of menu. There are some western items like eggs Benedict, local favourites like fried rice and fusion food items like Tiong Bahru chwee kueh that uses panna cotta.

COO Bistro Menu

COO Bistro Menu

Singapore COO Bistro Menu

For starters, we ordered a roasted pork belly ($12) and a COO chicken winglets ($9).



The roasted pork belly (above) and the chicken winglets launched our meal on a familiar note. Both of these items were fine but not different from similar items we were used to.


The thick toast with egg ($6+4) was indeed very thick, but it was very slightly toasted so that by the time it reached our table, it was soft. It became soggy once the soft egg was released. A rather plain tasting dish. Fortunately, we had ordered some extra sautéed mushrooms which added flavour to the bread.


The subsequent dishes saved the meal for us. COO Bistro’s gado gado ($16) was a daily special. It was a very beautiful dish, probably the most luxurious version of this humble dish that we had seen. It was also a very substantial dish and was too much for one of us.



The fried rice contained the usual elements associated with nasi goreng but that was where the similarities ended. The rice at COO Bistro Menu was fried with many types of spices and other seasoning. The chilli was different from the usual type but very good. The chicken was more similar to tandoori chicken than the usual deep-fried variety. In summary, a successfully different style of fried rice.



For dessert, we had waffles with red bean and ice cream toppings ($13).  It was a good thing that we only ordered one dessert as it was huge. The texture of the waffle was good, the red beans were fat and soft. It was a good dessert which probably contained a thousand calories. The coffees cost around $5 each.



Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Ratings: 3 TOPs   3 Tops


COO Bistro
259 Outram Road
Singapore 169056

Chope Restaurant Reservation

Tel:+65 6221 7060

Nearest MRT Station : Outram Park


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