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Brunch at Grill & Whisky Bar UsQuBa Singapore (Closed)

We understand from their website that UsQuBa Singapore derives its name from the Scottish Gaelic word “Usquebaugh”, which means water of life –  whisky. Bottles of whisky are displayed in abundance at the bar and along the walls as one walks into this relatively new restaurant that opened in Fullerton One around June 2016.




View from UsQuBa One Fullerton

One Fullerton-2

The UsQuBa restaurant is an attractive restaurant in a strategic location. One can get clear views of Marina Bay, the water-spewing Merlion, MBS and the bustling tourist activity below.


Many kinds of exotic whiskies can be found at UsQuBa.  Here are a couple of samples plus a page from the whisky price list. Thousand dollar bottles are not unusual here. Clearly out of our depth, we think we should confine ourselves to eating.



The brunch menu at UsQuBa Singapore is a simple one, with the usual items sprinkled with a couple of unusual lobster and seafood dishes. We ordered a couple of regular brunch items and a whole roasted barramundi. Here are pictures of the brunch and set lunch menus plus a few sections from the ala carte menu.

UsQuBa Menus






We had a two-eggs-any-style with toast ($16) with additional bacon and sausages ($8). The taste of the dish was not bad but the size of the serving was tiny.  Even with the extras ordered, the entire breakfast platter was modest in size. The toast supplied was a two-inch square piece of bread hidden under the egg. We asked for an extra order of toast –  four small slices ($6).




The avocado on toast ($16) was a more attractive dish. The taste was also more interesting.  The avocado combined well with the gooey egg yolk.




The roasted barramundi was more like Chinese style steamed seabass. The entire fish was probably baked in its own juices and vegetables in a tin foil enclosure. Unlike the earlier dishes, this item was quite substantial in size. The fish was a large meaty fish.  The staff help to serve the de-boned portions. A lot of vegetables and herbs were stuffed into every orifice of the fish. That ensured a tasty fish and the removal of any unwanted fishiness. The delicious broth created in the cooking process was in high demand. It was the first time for us to have steamed fish for brunch in a Western restaurant.




Coffee ($6 each) at the UsQuBa did not have any fancy latte art but the taste was good. Overall, Scottish restaurant UsQuBa in Fullerton One was a  pleasant place to have a meal.  It is an even better place for whisky aficionados.



Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs   4 tops

UsQuBa – Grill & Whisky Bar
One Fullerton, #02-03B
Singapore 049213

Tel: +65 8723 6378

Opening Hours
Monday – Thursday 11:30 AM to Midnight
Friday & Saturday 11:30 AM to 1 AM
Sunday 11 AM to 10 PM

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