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Casa Verde Singapore revisited – Ngoh Hiang, Hokkien Mee and Parrots

We were impressed by the laksa at our previous visit to the Casa Verde Singapore Botanic Gardens restaurant. We were back recently to try some of their other local dishes. This time it was ngoh hiang and hokkien prawn mee. We also met up with some feathered visitors in the park.

Casa Verde Singapore Botanic Gardens - 12

You can read more about the Casa Verde Singapore Botanic Garden restaurant in our earlier post here. It is a part of the Les Amis group, which made us even more curious to try the food here. What would the people who run the 2-star Michelin French restaurant know about ngoh hiang?


The Hokkien mee ($14) was beautifully presented, like those served in hotel restaurants. Like the laksa that we tried in our earlier visit, it was also full of ingredients, including several large prawns. The gravy taste has a medium level of seafood taste. There are some places which cook the broth with a stronger ‘prawny’ taste. But this was quite balanced. The Chinese parsley provided a nice fragrance.



The thick roll of ngoh hiang ($8.50) was served in two halves. The deep-fried bean curd skin was thin and crisp.  Water chestnut bits can be detected throughout the ngoh hiang. The refreshing crunch provided a contrast to the minced pork. Quite importantly for us, it did not have any strong porky flavour. This was a very good dish.



Our lunch at Casa Verde Singapore was made more entertaining when a group of parrot owners brought their pets for an outing.  Here are pictures of two of them. This part of the Botanic Gardens and the restaurant is very crowded at peak hours.  Many dog owners also bring their best friends here .




Here are pictures of the Casa Verde menu and laksa from our last visit.  This was quite an unexpected place to find good local Singapore food.

Casa Verde Singapore Botanic Gardens - Menu


Casa Verde Singapore Botanic Gardens - 3

Casa Verde Singapore Botanic Gardens - 7

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating:  4 TOPs  4 tops


Casa Verde Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road
Singapore, 259569

Tel : +65 64677326

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