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泰生厨房 Mahota Kitchen

Mahota Kitchen Singapore

Mahota Commune is an integrated organic grocery, lifestyle and wellness centre and dining destination (see our earlier post on Mahota Singapore). The restaurant, Mahota Kitchen 泰生厨房, serves Italian fusion food as well as hot pots. Mahota says that they believe that ‘you don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients’. We had dinner at Mahota Kitchen and would agree that minimal cooking using fresh ingredients could result in a satisfying tasty meal.

Mahota Kitchen

Mahota Kitchen has a simple decor featuring light wood with plenty of green plants. The dining space feels airy and uncongested. It has an open kitchen so you can see the chefs at work.

Mahota Kitchen

The menu features vegetables aplenty. Attractive bowls of colourful vegetables in their display cabinets look inviting.

Mahota Kitchen Salad

Organic free range beef, fresh seafood, pasta, pizza and the signature hot pots are also items on the menu. Here are pictures of sections of Mahota Kitchen’s menu.

Mahota Kitchen Set Menu

Mahota Kitchen Hot Pot Set Menu

Mahota Kitchen Menu

Mahota Kitchen Menu

Mahota Kitchen Menu

We went to shop at Mahota Market, the organic grocery, and decided to have dinner at Mahota Kitchen. We ordered the healthy All Vege Lite500 hotpot set ($22.80) and Tomato Meatball Penne ($25.80). Service Charge and GST would be added to the bill. Iced water was offered without request. A complimentary board of bread was served with a variety of dips.

Mahota Kitchen Bread Board


All Vege Lite500 set was a complete meal with vegetables in a rainbow of colours, mushrooms, tofu and konjac noodles – which according to the menu all added up to just about 500 calories. We could choose the soup base (all MSG free); and we opted for the pork bone soup. We could also mix and concoct the dips from a variety of sauces and condiments.

mahota kitchen sauces  mahota-kitchen-12  mahota-kitchen-10

The All Vege Lite500 set looked attractive and the amount of food was more than we expected.  The ingredients were fresh and there were sufficient variety to give a range of textures. The mini hot pot was quite efficient; so the food could be cooked quickly.



The vegetable hot pot set was quite enjoyable. It was a lot of food and it was hard to believe that so much food added up to less than 500 calories. To complete the set, a small shot of fruit vinegar was served right after the meal.



The penne was less interesting compared to the hotpot set. However, the simple boring dish was tasty. The organic beef and cheese meatball had a nice consistency and was flavoruful and delicious. The creamy chickpeas tomato sauce coated the pasta nicely. The dish was enjoyable. It was a bonus to learn that chickpeas, valued for their proteins and fiber content, also offered many health benefits like controlling cholesterol and stabilising blood sugar.


We learned from our dinner at Mahota Kitchen that healthy eating need not mean eating very little or strict dietary limitations. A mixture of colourful vegetables, mushrooms and chickepeas offer a host of nutrients and health benefits. We had plenty to eat at Mahota Kitchen and the food was interesting and quite delicious. Healthy eating could be satisfying enjoyable eating.


Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating:  4 TOPs   4 tops

Mahota Kitchen
809 French Road
Kitchener Complex, Level 3
Singapore 200809

Tel: +65 62958809

Opening Hours:
Weekdays :11am – 10pm
Weekends :10am – 10pm

Nearby MRT Station : Lavender

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