New Goldleaf Restaurant (金葉) in Katong Square

Goldleaf Restaurant Katong

We have not been to Goldleaf Restaurant for ages until we decided to look it up at its Amoy Street home just a couple of weeks ago (see our post on Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant (金葉) in Amoy Street Singapore). Imagine our surprise when a few days later we saw a sign at Katong Square announcing that Goldleaf Restaurant Katong has opened. As they have dishes that would fit into our current light and healthy eating plan, we decided to have dinner at the new Goldleaf Restaurant in Katong Square.

Goldleaf Restaurant (金葉) in Katong
Goldleaf Restaurant (金葉) in Katong
Goldleaf Restaurant (金葉) in Katong

Goldleaf Restaurant Katong is housed in one half of the restored block of the historical Joo Chiat Police station, with the Baba Chews restaurant occupying the other portion. The interior of the new Goldleaf Restaurant Katong is fairly simple but neat and pleasant. It is quite spacious with tables of different sizes and configurations.

Goldleaf Restaurant (金葉) in Katong

The menu of Goldleaf Katong is similar to the menu of its Amoy Street outlet, but not exactly the same. Here are pictures of a few pages of the Goldleaf Restaurant Katong’s menu.

Goldleaf Restaurant Menu
Goldleaf Katong Sq Menu
Goldleaf Restaurant (金葉) Menu
Goldleaf Katong Sq Menu

We ordered French Beans with Minced Meat and Dried Shrimps ($10) and Fuyong Egg ($12). We wanted to try the Prawn Paste Chicken but was told that it was not available that night. We ended up ordering the 3-Cup Chicken with Basil Leaves ($14). The Sweet Potato Porridge was a free flow affair priced at $2 per head. The Appetizer of braised bean curd and anchovies was well worth the cost of $2. It was delicious.

Goldleaf Katong 3 Cup Chicken
Goldleaf Restaurant Katong Square
Katong Square Goldleaf Taiwanese Porridge Restaurant

The French beans were lightly sautéed and were tender yet slightly crunchy. The minced pork and aromatic crispy dried shrimps gave the dish a mix of textures and added layers of flavour. It was a very good dish eaten with plain porridge.

Katong Square Goldleaf Taiwanese Porridge Restaurant

The Fuyong Egg was not served like a neat omelet as what we had come to expect. It looked rather messy. However, the filling of bean sprout, carrot, scallion, shrimps and other ingredients made the egg dish interesting and delightful. It was another good dish to have with porridge. The 3-cup chicken (san bei ji, 三杯鸡) is a Taiwanese classic dish. Cooked in soy sauce, Chinese wine and sesame oil,  with herbs and fresh Thai basil leaves, the chicken dish was tasty – sweet and savoury at the same time.

Goldleaf Taiwanese Porridge Restaurant Katong Square

Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant’s mainstay is the humble sweet potato porridge and a complement of Taiwanese home-cooked style dishes. The light, fat-free gruel is healthy comfort food which many of us have grown up eating.  At Goldleaf Restaurant Katong we can have a simple healthy meal like in the good old days but in air-conditioned comfort. The Goldleaf menu is also sufficiently extensive to enable us to have a rather luxurious meal if we want to.

Goldleaf Restaurant Taiwanese Porridge
3 Tops

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

Chope Reservations

Goldleaf Restaurant
86 East Coast Road
#01-02 Katong Square
Singapore 428788

Tel: +65 6344 1735

Opening Hours:
11.30am-2.30pm;  6pm-11pm

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  1. i presume goldleaf amoy is no longer operating. Went there on Sunday but see another operating in its previous site.

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