Kraftwich at Raffles Place -Affordable Healthy Meal

Kraftwich at Raffles Place

While more expensive food does not mean it is healthier, it is usually the case that healthy foods cost more than unhealthy alternatives. There is in fact a Harvard School of Public Health study which concluded that a person eating a healthy diet (rich in fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts) would pay more per day for food than a person eating an unhealthy diet (processed foods and refined grains). We were thus glad to find in the middle of Singapore financial district a place where we could get an affordable healthy meal. Kraftwich at Raffles Place serves quick, healthy and nutritious meals at very reasonable prices.

Kraftwich by Swissbake at Raffles Place

Kraftwich by Swissbake is located in the basement food hall of One Raffles Place. The space is pleasant and the contemporary decor is neat and atrractive.

Kraftwich by Swissbake (Raffles Place)

Kraftwich at Raffles Place Menu

The main items on the menu are sandwiches and salad. The range of Kraftwiches –  signature gourmet sandwiches – is quite extensive. The options include vegetarian, pulled beef, portobello and smoked duck.

Kraftwich at Raffles Place

  Kraftwich at Raffles Place

Pastries and cakes are also available and there are set meals and various special deals for breakfast and tea.

Kraftwich Desserts

Kraftwich Salad Menu

The fillings that go into the Kraftwiches can also be the ingredients of a DIY salad bowl. You can design your own salad by ticking your choices on a salad order chit.

We ordered a Basic Salad ($7.90) which meant we got a choice of a salad base and 5 regular toppings. We went with mixed vegetables as the salad base and toppings which included cranberries, cheery tomatoes and fruit slices. Multigrain seeds were added as a bonus. We opted for the honey mustard aioli dressing. The end product looked good and the taste was good too. It was a simple healthy and satisfying dish.

Kraftwich Salad

Kraftwich Affordable Meal

We also ordered the Turkey Ham & Cheese Kraftwich ($8.90). We could top up $5 to add Soup and Coffee ($5) and make it a set meal (total $13.90). We had mushroom soup and an Americano.

Kraftwich Ham & Cheese

The slice of Kraftwich was quite large. The low-calorie bread was apparently protein and mineral rich. We did not know how to verify that but the bread did look and taste like healthy nutritious bread. On the whole, the turkey ham and cheese sandwich was good. The mushroom soup was rich and flavourful

Kraftwich Soup

Kraftwich at Raffles Place is a “semi self service” restaurant. We placed our order and paid at the counter. We collected our salad when we paid. Sandwiches, soup and coffee were served to our table. We could help ourselves to water and utensils from the service station. Generally, the staff were pleasant and efficient.

Kraftwich Coffee

We were Kraftwich at Raffles Place during a weekend and the place was not crowded. The dining space was comfortable and pleasant and we enjoyed a simple healthy meal for 2 for a total for of $21.80 nett. A nutritious meal in the prime financial centre of Singapore can be an affordable one – good for a healthy body and healthy bank account too.

Kraftwich Salad

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating:  4 TOPs   4 tops


Kraftwich by Swissbake
One Raffles Place
One Raffles Place Tower 1 #B1-04/05
Singapore 048616

Tel: +65 6438 5730

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 07:30 – 20:00
Sat-Sun: 09:00 – 15:30

Nearby MRT Stations: Raffles Place, Telok Ayer


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