Daessiksin Korean BBQ Buffet @ NEX (Closed)

Daessiksin Korean BBQ

Ministry of Food (M.O.F.) is a Singapore restaurant group with names such Jun Hao Xiao Long Bao, Danro, Insadong Korean Town, Social Square, Dolce Tokyo and Lenas in its stable. At the Nex Mall, MOF took up quite a big space in a corner of level 2 to offer a variety of cuisines. It is like a mini food hall where you can get Chinese noodles, Italian pasta and Japanese ramen. Korean hot pot, grill BBQ and desserts can be found in there too. We decided to try the all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ Buffet at Daessiksin by MOF @ Nex.

Daessiksin Korean BBQ at Nex

Daessiksin Korean BBQ by MOF

Daessiksin Korean BBQ


Daessiksin is a Korean grill barbeque buffet restaurant offering a variety of popular Korean dishes and a good range of marinated meat – including Beef Bulgogi, Beef Ribeye, Chicken Spicy Bulgogi, Pork Belly, Pork Collar and Pork Marinated Ribs. The lunch buffet on weekdays is attractively priced at $14.90 (plus GST and service charge). For weekends and dinner, the price is $24.90. There are some items that are only available during dinner and on weekends.


Daessiksin Korean BBQ Restaurant is a no frill eatery. There is no chic interior decor or fancy food display. The main buffet island reminded us of army cookhouses of old. Large open food trays are lined up in rows. There is no attempt to make the food more attractive. Afterall, you go to the cookhouse to eat, not enjoy the ambience.


There is a section for salads, pickles and of course kimchi. The cooked food station includes various popular Korean staples like glass noodles, kimchi fried rice, sweet potatoes, pancakes, chicken wings and fried brinjal. There is a sauce station – with garlic, chill, kimchi and several other sauces.





There are also the soup station and beverage station, with a free flow selection of soft drinks and Korean tea.


The most popular station is obviously the meat station. There are beef, chicken and pork of different cuts and marinated in different ways. The meat in the serving trays may not look the most appetizing but these trays have to be topped up constantly. When it comes to buffet, it seems Singaporean only eat with their mouths and not with their eyes.




At Daessiksin Korean BBQ Restaurant each table comes with an efficient built-in grill. There is a smoke funnel to ensure that you won’t smell like BBQ chicken after the meal. The pan is supposed to be a non-stick pan. We somehow managed to get plenty of meat stuck on the pan anyway. The friendly staff was however quite quick to see our problem and to change a clean pan for us.



Generally, the meats are of decent quality and well marinated. How your meal turns out really depends to a large extent on you – since you are doing the cooking and you choose the condiment and sauces. Whether you have a delicious BBQ meal depends on your choices and cooking skill, or that of your dining companion.

In spite of our poor cooking skill, our meal turned out not too bad. We enjoyed especially the chicken bulgogi, pork collar and marinated pork.



Daessiksin Korean BBQ

Overall, Daessiksin Korean BBQ Restaurant is a good place for decent Korean BBQ meal. Although it is essentially a self-service restaurant, the staff are friendly and helpful. The buffet spread offers sufficient variety and you cannot really complain about the quality given the reasonable pricing. They impose a time limit for your meal (I believe it is 2 hours for weekdays and 1.5 hours for weekends) – but if you are used to eating in the army cookhouses, Daessiksin’s time limit should not be a problem at all.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating:  3 TOPs 3 Tops

Daessiksin 大食神 by MOF
#02-04/06, Nex,
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083

Tel: +65 6853 5054

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 11:30 – 15:30; 17:30 – 22:00
Fri: 11:30 – 15:30; 17:30 – 22:30
Sat: 11:30 – 22:30
Sun: 11:30 – 22:00

Nearby MRT Stations: Serangoon

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