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Good Tau Huay at Rochor Beancurd House

Rochor Beancurd House Geylang

The humble tau huay (tau fu fah or bean curd) was one of cheap pleasures of life, craved by young and old. Today, bean curd takes many forms, comes in a variety of flavours and colours and can be found in glitzy malls and trendy eateries. To enjoy traditional tau hua, simply served warm and flavoured with only sugar syrup, we headed to Rochor Beancurd House in Geylang.

Good Tau Huay at Rochor Beancurd House

Rochor Beancurd House

Rochor Beancurd House is in a small shophouse along Geylang Road. It sells more than just tau huay. Besides beancurd (豆花) and soya bean drink (豆花水), it offers glutinous rice balls and other toppings like pearls, peanuts and red bean. The traditional snacks to go with tau huay, like fried dough sticks, are also available. Recent additions to its menu included popular street food like Tofu Fries, Golden Squid and Taiwan Honey Chicken Chop. Below are pictures of signboards listing the items sold at Rochor Beancurd House in Geylang.

Rochor Beancurd House Menu

Rochor Beancurd House Menu

We ordered the Hot Beancurd ($1.50) together with a fried dough stick ($1.10) and Portuguese Egg Tart ($1.50). As you can see from the photos, there was no fancy plating or presentation. The bean curd was served in a plain plastic bowl and the food item was simply placed on a piece of paper on a tray.


The bean curd was silky smooth and glided down the throat easily. The texture was light. The soy bean flavour and fragrance were discernible but not overpowering. The sweetness level was just right. The tau huay of Rochor Beancurd House is one of our favourite local delicacies.

 Rochor Beancurd and Egg Tart

The fried dough stick was really huge. The one we had was not really crispy. It tasted fine when dipped into the tau huay. The Portuguese tart was good. It was freshly baked and had flaky pastry. It was delicious.

 Rochor Beancurd and Egg Tart

 Rochor Hot Tau Huay

 Rochor Beancurd with Rice Balls


On a separate visit, I ordered the Beancurd and Rice Balls with Peanut Fillings ($3) and the Taiwan Honey Chicken Chop ($4.50). The texture of the rice balls was soft and chewy. Biting into a rice ball would release granular crushed peanuts which provided a nice contrast in taste and texture. The rice balls certainly added to the enjoyment of  the tau huay.

The Chicken Chop was well fried till the skin was really crispy. Chilli powder was sprinkled liberally over the honey glazed chicken. It was quite a nice snack to go with a bowl of bean curd.


Rochor Beancurd House is a place we would head to for good traditional tau huay. As it also offers a variety of other food and beverages, it is a place we could go to for breakfast, tea or even lunch and dinner.

If eating along a five foot way is not your thing, you can always buy to take away. You can even call up and place orders in advance. As Rochor Beancurd House has shown that it is prepared to be innovative and progressive, it might not be too long before it ties up with one of the food delivery service. Then we may be able to have the good tau huay of Rochor Beancurd House delivered to our door steps. For now, we consider eating the humble tau huay along a five foot way in Geylang as one of the cheap pleasures of life.

 Portuguese Egg TartRatings:
Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 1
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs    3 Tops



Rochor Beancurd House
745 Geylang Road
Singapore 389653

Tel: +65 67483989

Nearby MRT Station : Paya Lebar

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