Ryu’s Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar, Capitol Piazza (Closed)

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar

Ryu’s Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar is a cosy restaurant in the Galleria Wing of Capitol Piazza where patrons can treat themselves to fish air-flown in from Tsukiji market in Tokyo and experience the art and refinement of Japanese cuisine. Ryu’s offers a range of fine Japanese sake; for the discerning patrons, sommeliers will advise on parings with sake at the right temperature to enhance the enjoyment of the meal at Ryu’s. For ordinary patrons, Ryu’s Japanese Restaurant offers good set meals at very attractive prices.

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant at Capitol Piazza

Led by Head Chef Yasuo Niizuma and Kantsukeshi (sake master) Hiroyasu Sakurma, Ryu’s declares its aim to “stimulate the five senses and invite you into new dimensions of Japanese culinary style”. We certainty did have a good Japanese dining experience at Ryu’s.

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar at Capitol Piazza

Ryu’s stylish sake bar and understated entrance will make an immediate visual impression. The interior decoration is modern Japanese – simple and elegant. The main dining space on the ground level has only a few tables. There are more tables on the mezzanine level. Counter seats give you a close up experience of the craftsmanship of the chefs. We saw a chef carefully sectioning fish and arranging slices in beautiful wooden boxes for storage.

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar

Ryu’s Japanese Restaurant offers Omakase dishes and some interesting set meals that are beautifully presented. The Okamochi Bara Chirashi-Sushi Set ($45) is served in a neat wooden box with drawers. The Ryu’s Signature Set for 2 ($128) includes the Okamochi Box and a Tsumami Tree – the presentation alone is well worth the price for those who must take pictures before they eat. You can see photos of the Okamochi Box and Tsumami Tree on Ryu’s website. Here are pictures of sections of the Ryu’s menu.

Menu of Ryu's Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar Menu

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant Set Menu

Ryu's Signature Set Menu

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant Set Menu

Besides the signature set and special set, Ryu’s Japanese Restaurant also offers reasonably priced set meals starting from $20. There is currently also a promotion set lunch for just $15.

We ordered the Tempura Udon Set Lunch ($15) and the Japanese Grilled Chicken Set ($20). Green tea was $5 per person. GST and service charge would be added to the bill.

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar Set Lunch

Both sets came with a starter which was a cold soup. We were not quite sure what kind of soup it was but it was smooth and enjoyable.

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar Set Lunch

The Tempura Udon Set had a platter of mixed tempura which was hot with nice crisp batter. The udon was thick and had a very good chewy and soft texture. The soup base was light with subtle flavours.

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant Tempura

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant Grilled Chicken Set

The Grilled Chicken was served with pickles, hot miso soup and rice. The chicken was marinated with miso sauce and lightly grilled. It had only some charred bits and the meat remained tender. There were also some assorted grilled vegetables which were quite delicious.

The dessert for both sets was the mizu shingen mochi (Japanese water cake or raindrop cake) with caramel sauce. We were told that Ryu’s version was made with a special purified water. It was a visually appealing dessert and was also a treat for the palate.


Ryu’s Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar certainly excited more than a few of our senses. It was obvious that they took pride in the preparation and presentation of the food. We thought Ryu’s set meals offered great value for money. The quality of the food was good and the overall experience was delightful.  Gochisosama deshita.

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar Singapore

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 5
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs   4 tops


Ryu’s Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar
Capitol Piazza, L1-87 Galleria
15 Stamford Road, #01-87
Singapore 178906

Chope Reservations

Tel: +65 6384 9087

Opening Hours: 12:00 noon to 12 midnight

Nearby MRT Stations : City Hall, Bras Basah

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