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Baikohken Ramen Restaurant 梅光轩 Katong Square (Closed)

Baikohken Ramen Restaurant (梅光轩)

Winners of the prestigious Asahikawa Ramen Award for their outlets in Japan, Baikohken Ramen Restaurant 梅光轩 serves hearty Hokkaido style ramen. Within a few years of opening its first outlet in Ngee Ann City, Baikohken has established itself as one of the best places to have ramen in Singapore. Its service portions are generous and the prices reasonable. Baikohken Ramen Restaurant 梅光轩 has a new outlet at Katong Square. We went there for lunch and was not disappointed.

Baikohken Ramen Restaurant (梅光轩) Katong Square


Baikohken Ramen Restaurant 梅光轩 at Katong Square is simply but pleasantly furnished in typical casual Japanese restaurant style. It is spacious.

The menu is quite straightforward but there is quite a lot of mix and match permutations by varying the soup base and the toppings. There is also an option to have the regular size bowl of ramen or a half portion. Presently, it is also possible to pay an add on for a complete set meal of ramen, rice and gyoza.

Baikohken Ramen Restaurant Menu

Katong Square Japanese Restaurant

The prices at Baikohken Ramen Restaurant have gone up over the years but are still reasonable. The half portion of regular ramen starts from $8.90 and the charsiew don is only $5.50. We ordered the half portion of the shio charsiew ramen ($15.50), the charsiew don ($5.50) and cold green tea ($1.50). GST and service charge would be added to the bill. The green tea was refillable and plain ice water was also served free of charge.

Baikohken Ramen

The half portion of the shio charsiew ramen was quite substantial and more than enough for a person with average appetite. We realised later that the main difference between the regular portion and the half portion was 1 slice of charsiew – the half portion had 5 large slices. Other ingredients of the dish were bamboo shoots and plenty of cut spring onions. The thin and light soup base was flavourful and not too salty. The ramen was sufficiently chewy but not hard. The charsiew were really tender and tasty. All in all a very satisfying bowl of ramen.

Katong Square Ramen Restaurant

Baikohken Chasu Don

The charsiew don had ingredients similar to the charsiew ramen. A regular bowl of quality Japanese rice was topped with a salad of spring onions and chunks of charsiew. The charsiew reminded us of pulled pork – it was tender and tasty and made the simple rice bowl very enjoyable.

Baikohken Chasu Don

Baikohken Ramen Restaurant 梅光轩 is an unpretentious ramen place. There is no queue and no staff with an attitude. The menu is straightforward and the food is of good quality and tasty. The prices are reasonable. A combination which makes it one of the best places to have ramen in Singapore. Besides the new outlet in Katong Square, Baikohken Ramen Restaurant has branches in One KM Mall and Takashimaya Food Fall, Ngee Ann City.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overal Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Baikohken Ramen
88 East Coast Road
#01-13 Katong Square
Singapore 423371

Tel: +65 6344 0968

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